Why is there gender discrimination? How can we solve it?

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gender discrimination

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Sexual discrimination is still prevalent in our male-dominated society. Women is falling behind to men when it comes to wages and promotion. Also, they experience frustration because of deep-rooted prejudice and perception. If people imagine about an image of a leader, the first image that occur to one's mind would probably be men. This is even for me, too. According to a research, working women in South Korea earn 63% of what men do. What's more, the job openings rate for women are so low compared to men in Korea. Women feel pressured to quit when they have children, making it hard to stay on the career. Many big corporations don't have women at all in senior jobs. These bad customs are going to continue. Measures should be taken to narrow down this gap step-by-step. One solution could be by raising the number of women in a parliament or human rights activists could correct this unhealthy trend.

However, sexual discrimination is not limited only to women. Men faces gender discrimination, too, which is called reverse discrimination. For example, it's mandatory for men to serve in the army, but not women. That's why there's a controversy surrounding the revival of military service extra-points systems. We also stay up to typical roles which men are supposed to have such as strong, healthy, and leading images. Everybody has different characteristics and innate potentials which we need to recognize and respect. I think the government and Korean people need to put more efforts into fighting against inequality and discriminations for both men and women.

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Re: gender discrimination

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I remenber seeing kind of a discussion about man's military incentives in Tv. A man who supported military incentives said " I wanna take books , not guns like you" then objectors who were mostly woman sneered at him...... Whether or not the military incentives had to be maintained is not important now. (Anyway, that policy has repealed) But I think woman should be thankful to man's sacrifice. 2 years in army , maybe the most valuable time in the life. I'm sure this is exactly sacrifice.

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Re: gender discrimination

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gender discrimination is apparently seen especially in army. men sacrifice their really golden time for the name of defense of nation.

we can admit that in cosideration of sexual differences. but what is imfortant is that some inspiration is need for the mandatory service.

'just do it' cannot be the right thing,,, although some feminist or some people against the vonus grades law are going in the way for this measures,

i think it should be really conducted

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Re: gender discrimination

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In the class, our group also talked about gender discrimination.
While discussing it, I found that I fell into a bias that women were the only one who was discriminated. To be honest, I’ve never thought that military service could be gender discrimination for men. However, it surely was if men were forced to serve in the army leaving their willingness out of consideration.

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Gender discrimination

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Front Door - Li Ekaterina

Gender discrimination exists everywhere, in every culture and in every country. But particularly it is observed in Asian countries. The same situation in Korea where men dominate women. Large companies almost always lead man and woman just simply bring him coffee. In the government and virtually no women. Even if a woman will occupy the same position in the enterprise as a man she still will pay 2 times less. Woman is perceived as homemakers, which should keep the house, raising children and to feed her husband after a hard working day. So their role ends in society. I think it's wrong. Because woman is able to achieve a great success. It needs a lot of time to women to be on the same ranges with men.

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Female discrimination

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Female discrimination

"When you grow up, you can be whatever you want to be." Almost everywhere girls go, they are encouraged to believe that they can be just as smart, athletic, and successful as boys. Even the pictures of women on magazine covers tell them that when you're a girl, anything is possible.
But from the day they are born, they are always reminded of the things they are not allowed to do. I think that everything tells us that we are worth less than a boy. And society limits women’s opportunities and declares to be second-rate. For example, men in Pakistan, South Africa, Peru, Russia, and Uzbekistan beat women in the home. Women from Ukraine, Nigeria, the Dominican Republic, and Thailand are bought and sold. Sure, I think that female discrimination exists. And consider that society should take action to stop discrimination and violence against women. Primarily, women must struggle with this problem, because in my opinion women are smart and successful as man.

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Gender Discrimination

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201000124 Ko Yun Jeong

When asked about "Gender discrimination" in Korea, most people answer about "Female discrimination". Actually, It's quite common thing in Korea.
Few days ago, I saw a article which is about Korean men who don't do any household. In Korea, it is natural that woman does households, and man earns money. But nowadays, woman has to do households and also earn money like man. Moreover, if there are children, it's up to woman!
I know that many thing has been changed. But I don't know why people think 'man "HELP" woman' in case of "HOUSEHOLD". Isn't it right that man and woman do households "TOGETHER"?

about article : http://news.nate.com/view/20110413n08602?mid=n0406

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Why is there gender discrimination? How can we solve it?

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We see many articles concerning gender discrimination. And the most typical case of gender discrimination is the "glass ceiling" , the phenomenon that women who work at a company don't get enough promotion and salary compared to men. Of course it is unfair but let's look behind the scene of that phenomenon before we just condemn it. Why do CEO discriminate women when their premier object is earning the profit? It's so clear that people and mass media will not like gender discrimination and therefore it will do harm to the company image, which will lead to decrease in profit.
I saw an interview with a women CEO in the newspaper which will probably lead us to the answer of this question. What that CEO said was, women and men are different in several ways, and women are tend to be much more fragile and hard to deal with. For example, if a boss asks a man to work late or get him some coffee, he will probably not like it but anyway will obey. But if he asks a woman to work late or get him some coffee, she is more likely to be very offended or even see it as a sexual discrimination and go to employer-complain-comitte. I'm not saying that what women are doing is wrong, in fact, i think that it's more 'right' to act like that. However, when it comes to CEO, it certainly becomes a minus factor. Also, if a male boss pat a female subordinate on a head, there's a very big chance she will see it as a sexual harassmant and file a lawsuit and win it. However, if a female boss pat a male subordinate on a head, nothing will happen. Again, i'm not saying what is wrong and what is right, it's just that as we can see in those two examples , the behavior-pattern of a women act as a disavantage when it comes to business.
So, does it justify gender discrimination? Of course not. We should not discriminate a person by his or her gender. The point is that we should understand gender discrimination deeper and see why this things happen before just seeing the surface and denounce it, and if we find a cause, there's a better chance we can solve it. Now we know that the 'offender' of gender discrimination has their own reason. So maybe the best way to solve gender discrimination is to understand each other and respect each other, maybe make concessions for a few times and act as what we'll like if we are in the opposite side.

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Re: Gender discrimination

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Do you really think women get paid 2 times less than men even though they did the exact same work at their work?
I don't agree with your opinion. I get paid according to my achievement and ability at work. I know it because I asked it of my female co-workers.
I am really curious where those who insist that they get paid like that work. In addition, have you ever put yourself in the owner's shoes?
I mean that women quit their work faster than men. I have seen many cases that no female peers who entered the corporation together exist at a certain time.
I don't accept that it means female workers get discriminated more so that they had to quit.

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Re: Gender discrimination

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Why do you think the women had to quit?
[front door] Lee Donghoon wrote:I mean that women quit their work faster than men. I have seen many cases that no female peers who entered the corporation together exist at a certain time.
I don't accept that it means female workers get discriminated more so that they had to quit.

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Re: Gender discrimination

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i agree your opinion.
gender discrimination in korea is so terrible...
but... i think may be we have better today than yesterday !
so still hopful...

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Re: Gender Discrimination

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yes. you said it!
I think that's because fixed gender roles are formed in korean society.
Nowadays, many men are helping the women , but, that's not enough.
I think the men have to do housework spontaneously.
When the men take for granted the housework, gender discrimination, especially, feminine disciimination wiil be gone.
The most important thing is men's change of mind

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Re: Gender Discrimination

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Yes! I agree with you, too.
Gender roles of men and women are different throughout the world.
And the gender gap that once separated men from women has been going in many country.
But many Korean men are still patriarchal.
The most important thing is men's change of mind and social recognition.

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Re: Gender discrimination

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I think your opinion is little bit now old hat. Nowadays many discrimination are solved and society makes effort to reduce the gap between man and woman.
Of coure, still there are many discrimination in many parts.
But how do you think about reverse discrimination? For instance, almost man bears expenses in dating. I think it could be a problem.
And how do you think about to solve these discrimination problem?

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Re: Gender discrimination

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yes.. but recently it's more and more weaken.
but i think your opinion which set limits to range, asia is lack of reasons.
do you know more reasons that asia is especially unfair continent than other that?

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