Why is there gender discrimination? How can we solve it?

Discuss sexism, changing gender roles, feminism, etc.
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Re: Gender Discrimination

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I entirely agree with you. Household is not men help women but do together.
The older generation still think that men shouldn't household.
But It is old thinking. These days, women work like men, and besides women have and bring up a baby.
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Re: Female discrimination

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201020677 band da som.

Do you know guys glass ceiling? maybe career woman heard that word. l heard glass ceiling i am surprsied.
today gender equal world but remain Female discrimination. why woman so hard for promotion?
and career women have a problem for childcare. so many career women doesn't want bear the children.
or career women bear the children late. Although glass ceiling , little woman achieve dream.
they are my admiration people ! so l achieve dream.
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Re: Female discrimination

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Female discrimination is very serious problem.
The discrimination was very serious in Korea, in the past. but these days, many things are being changed to good way.
recently, Korean parents want to hope female children more than male!
I think that situation is possible because of the entry of women in public affairs.
Women's power is increcing more and more and discrimination become faint.
so I think, many women should get a jop for power. but It's very difficult maybe....
What is the need for getting women power? How can we do?
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Re: Gender Discrimination

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I support your opinion.
Many married man think housework as just easy chore.
If they have done it, they couldn't say that.
And many married man just think they should help their wife's chore.
But it is wrong.
Actually they share housework, of course.
Because married man and woman have equal rights and obligation in family.
Of course, this bad attitude isn't apply to all of married man.
How about your parents?
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Re: Female discrimination

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Responding to gender discriminations, I'm not sure about how many women in Korea are active, with all their heart.

What I mean is that I think much of the women at work in Korea just want to settle down in the reality, which let women keep discriminated in many ways, and sometimes

they even compromises with men who have social and economic power.

I choose one example of discriminations: the discrimination by the appearance.

Think about this: Why so many women in these days want to be so pretty that they consider plastic

surgery as the second important specification for getting a job? Why so many women in Korea are spending their golden time,

not into studying, but into doing part-time job to make money needed for plastic surgery.

Is that only because of the nowadays social trend ? Is that only due to that the appearance became one of the most important factors for success?

Then why only the very small portion of men in Korea are doing plastic surgery for themselves ?

Then who are the people that make women do care about their appearance much more excessively than men do?

Then what is the reason of the present non-existing demonstrations or social activities regarding the discrimination by appearance from the majority of women in our


If many women did not want to be discriminated by their appearance, then why so many women today would be the major customer of plastic surgeries?

Who are responsible these situations?

I think women, themselves.

Because they just accepted this, without proper objective, and active, visible resistances.

In other words, women, have permitted themselves to be judged by their appearance, which also means by the gender, without clear objection, by men who have power.

Of course, I think this is not only about the discrimination by appearance.

Anyway, we accepted the main stream of our society: the culture and the atmosphere of society
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Re: Female discrimination

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i think there is a little female discrimantion everywhere. i really think we are as smart and sucessful as men. Eventhough, The law gives rights i dont think Men gives the credit that we can do everything as a man can do. I mean most men dont think that certain things that they are good, we can do it as well as them.
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Re: Why is there gender discrimination? How can we solve it?

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For trying to broke gender discrimination, we almost overcome that problem.
It is important to distinguish discrimination and difference.
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Re: Why is there gender discrimination? How can we solve it?

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I agree with you, especially about army...
Serving in the army at 2 years is a considerable loss in lives of men.
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Re: Why is there gender discrimination? How can we solve it?

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But, nowadays there are a lot of women leaders.
I think 'women leaders are small number of people' is also prejudice.
and female welfare is also improving now.
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