Special room for women to rest in?

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James Trotta
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Special room for women to rest in?

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Some students recently told me that there is a room at HUFS where women can rest (no men allowed). Is this true? If it is true, what's it like (since I'll never see the inside)? Does it reinforce any gender stereotypes? Do similar resting places for women only exist at other universities in Korea or in other countries?

201020492 do kang hyuk
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Re: Special room for women to rest in?

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i think it reflect gender stereotypes and social environment.
do you know koera Educational Environment? i guess you konw.
koera Educational Environment cause gender stereotypes.
because korea people have not chance meet other gender. it's so many difficult.
korean student grow impassable, especially gender. i see many case.
some people although collegian, in other words, at least twenty more age, doesn't say other gender.
it is stem from korea Educational Environment-only overemphasize entrance examination of university.

also, i think woman have native culture. um....example love, doll, and etc.
and some people worried a sex problem, example sexual violence.
this fact cause your critical mind or curiosity. do you understand?
i hope my thought be a help to oyur curiosity.

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Re: Special room for women to rest in?

Post by Mcmorning/nagyeongahn »

It is not a big room. But I think it is quite a good place for girls to rest in.
I think that men are easier to rest at any other palces outside, than women.
Men like outdoor activities than girls do. For girls they like to sit down and talk more than moving or acting agressviely.
I think these are one of the reasons why there is the resting place in our school.
Also for the physical differences too.

(102)Wonjae LEE
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Re: Special room for women to rest in?

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I wonder why there's no room for men. Anyway several friends told me that the rest room for women isn't that good as expected; it isn't clean and cozy

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Re: Special room for women to rest in?

Post by (102)YangChulJoo »

I'm not a androcentrist, but I think it's really reverse discrimination. One day. I was very drunken. And I find for some place to sleep. Going to my english literature room, I find special room for women. So I think that there'll be a room for men without any hesitation but I was very shocked to know that there's no room for men. I think if there's no room for men so do as women. It's really shame for school like HUFS to have no place for men

mi song choi
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Re: Special room for women to rest in?

Post by mi song choi »

In HUFS, there is a room for women.
But I think men need to a room for relaxation.
And If they are drunken, then where do they sleep?
Thesedays, there are a lot of crime. so I think men need to room for rest.

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