Single or In a Relationship?

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Is it better to be single or in a relationship?

In a Relationship
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Jason M. Ham
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Single or In a Relationship?

Post by Jason M. Ham »

Welcome to the dating and marriage forum. Romantic relationships are always fun to talk about. Guys and girls seem to be more interested in talking about love than most other topics. Don't you agree?
Well, I'm married with children; I'm done with being single and enjoying the dating scene. My wife and I decided long ago to dedicate our lives to educating our 3 sons and raising them right. I'm cool with that. I know I'm lucky to be married to such a nice woman--so I'm happy "until death do us part" as they say. But not everyone has settled down yet, right? Some of you guys are still in the market to find to right guy or girl to spend quality time with--so you don't have to be lonely anymore....or are you? That brings me to my big question. Is it better to be single or in a relationship? Please reply with your thoughts and opinions.
200720340 woo young
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Re: Single or In a Relationship?

Post by 200720340 woo young »

That is the dilemma I am facing with.
when I am in a relationship, I dont get lonely typically
Because I dont have to spend long time in thinking who to call if I want to watch movie, go shopping or go somewhere for fun.
However I can't have as much time as you spent with friends before I am in a relationship.
even I want to spend time with friends, they dont even try to call me, because they think I might want to spend time with boyfriend

but because I am in a relationship, sometimes I have big arguments and get heartbroken from a person whom I love.
both of being single and being in a relationship have the pros and cons.
I dont know :cry:
which one is better?!!
201020346 KimSunKyung
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Re: Single or In a Relationship?

Post by 201020346 KimSunKyung »

Unexpectedly, wow.. people who wanna be a single are existed soooooo much.
i'm very surprised. because I have naturally think that we must have a relationship person to person.
anyway, it's too sad situation as me... world is not enough.. love !!
in the end, i have a question to someone wanna be a single. what's the reason you decide that? i'm reaaaaaaaaaally !! wondering.
201020899 AhnHyunJin
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Re: Single or In a Relationship?

Post by 201020899 AhnHyunJin »

I think this topic is coooooool !
Everybody seems much more active than any other topics HAHAHAHA :D :lol:
Since you are THE ALIVE EVIDENCE of international marriage,
I have a question.
I guess it was not easy to decide to stay other country just because of love.
Did you feel certain about your love ' until death do us part'?
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Re: Single or In a Relationship?

Post by 201020468soo-hyun »

I think In a relationship better than single. I feel lonely a lot. So if i have not a boyfriend, i have a hard time while live in dormitory.
Sometimes I troubled with my boyfriend. And I want to broke up with my boyfriend from time to time, after big fight.
But in a relationship is better to me than single.
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Re: Single or In a Relationship?

Post by tony-w56-200200529 »

if you are single, you don't have to worry to entertain your boy or girlfriend or waste time on weekend
but you feel lonliness
otherwise, you are in a relationship, it's good to have someone who trust you and cheer you up when you are in times of trouble.
but sometimes it's annoying to take care of her or him.
and for good relationship, you gotta come up with very good idea on where we should go together or what i'd better present him or her.
it's like a catch 22
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Re: Single or In a Relationship?

Post by Tony-w12-201101215 »

I believe being in a relationship is just a hassle. Sure, you get to experience trust and you don't have to spend friday nights on your own.
But I still think the cons exceed the pros; I agree with the post before me on how it can get annoying.

I've recently moved in with a roomate; and from my experience I can tell living together with someone else, no matter how nice he/she is, it is still uncormfortable.
Even if you say you could 'work your problems out', most couples can't and end up giving up and separating.

Don't get me wrong, i do think that love is a wonderful feeling. But relationships are just a hassle.
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Re: Single or In a Relationship?

Post by tony-w56200903893 »

Well, for me, I've been a single and stayed in a relationship, but from my own experiences, it is definitely better to be in a relationship.
In this way, you get to learn how to treat someone who you love right. Also, you learn lots of PRICELESS values while in relationship.
Even if some people enjoy being a single, I love to be in a relationship at least for now.
In the end, you might get hurt and you have to try your best to get over the past, but it is totally worth being in a relationship.
Tony-w12 201101882
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Re: Single or In a Relationship?

Post by Tony-w12 201101882 »

I think being in a relationship is better than being a single. I'm a single now, of course i know it's a sad story...
Because i am a single, when i rest in my home, i feel lonely. Lonelyness is a very scaring thing!! It make me sad and lethargic.
But if i'm in a relationship, so if i have a boyfriend, i wouldn't be lonely. Because there is a lot of things that couples can do, like
bicycling at Han gang bank, watching movie, talking about trivial things, having a picnic so on. We can do these things in holidays
or vacations. It means that we can spend our time that can be meaningless moments usefully. It's a good thing to each other.
And the best advantage that couples can have is having a mate who can hear worries and secret things. Whenever one has problems
or worries, one can lay bare it to mate. In addition there is lots of things that singles can't do. Of course, in some parts although one is a single,
he or she can do these things alone! But if one get in a relationship, then one will realize that the amout of happiness is doubled when one have mate!
So, i think being in a relationship is much better than being a single.
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Re: Single or In a Relationship?

Post by Tony-W56/200700656 »

I would definetely say that it is better to be in a relationship.
Often when we break up with someone and our heart gets broken we decide that we're never gonna get in love
again or would never want to meet someone but it starts all over again. Even if you know that you might get hurt
or you won't feel the *freedom* as you did when you were single, you start loving someone again.
I think there is a reason to this. When you're in a relationship, one thing that makes me feel good is that there
will be someone who will always be on my side no matter what. In addition, I believe that there is priceless values
that you learn from being in a relationship. You learn how to love and how to give love and so much more. You learn
something that can't be taught in class or in a textbook.
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Re: Single or In a Relationship?

Post by smilesuyeonjeong »

Well, I think it depends. But for me right now, I'm happy being single. Sometimes I wish I had a boyfriend or someone to meet when I have freetime but these things can do with my friends. On the other hand, when I get older like 25,26 I would really want to have someone by my side and me loving him, him loving me and all that.
[Happy] Shin Daecheol
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Re: Single or In a Relationship?

Post by [Happy] Shin Daecheol »

Well.. in my opinion, absolutely 'In a relationship' is better. If there is no love during the whole life time, it loses its meaning to live.
I mean we,human, are incomplete and unstable by oneselves. We will face many difficulties, hardships, and something like that.
Whenever we meet those things, with our loved one, we can lean on each other and make a better decision to go forward by discussing for both.
In similar view, the most important thing of marrige or being in relationship is 'to be with'. A pair can overcome what single cannot do when they have difficulty. A pair can more easily get better than a single when they are sick because they would take care of each other. Lastly and surely, the happiness a pair can have is much bigger and the sadness they will have is much smaller than those of single will have just because they love each other and are together.
In life, a long journey, we should be someone's shelter, friend, and shade to move on. And we also need someone who would be those.
So, let's do love and be with whom you love!
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Re: Single or In a Relationship?

Post by HappySoHyun »

I think both has strengths and weaknesses.
If you choose to be a single, you have to stand loneliness. In my opinion, loneliness is very hard to bear for people, because everyone wants to make friends or partners. At first, you might feel free and happy because you don't have to yield to your spouse. However, if you get older and older, you will notice that living alone is not easy thing.
Then, is being in a relationship always good? No, you have to yield many things. You have to give up your free and dedicate for your family. It is not easy, either, but you will feel happy when your spouse or childs are happy because of you.
In my opinion, being in a relationship is better. If there is a family that loves you, it is the most precious thing. When you love your spouse very much you can bear every thing, don't you? There is nothing that has only strenths.
201020811 Peter Park
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Re: Single or In a Relationship?

Post by 201020811 Peter Park »

I think being in relationship has adventages and disadventages.
For example, if one is in relationship that pereson has somebody to date with but at the same time that person alson has somebody to spend money with. Being in relationship is really cost of money... :( but if you are rich, being in relationship would be okay...:D
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Re: Single or In a Relationship?

Post by jungjinwon »

I want to remain single. because I support my parents .

I must earn money. and I always busy.

so I wii not be able to care a woman who wii be my wife

and I like unconstrained privacy . sometimes bother things happen .

Don't you think so?
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