Single or In a Relationship?

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Is it better to be single or in a relationship?

In a Relationship
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(102)SeongEun Park
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Re: Single or In a Relationship?

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Actually I have a boyfriend in other University which is far from our University.
So, we don't have many time like other campus couple.
But it is comfortable that someone who is always with me.
(102) cho hye ryung
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Re: Single or In a Relationship?

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I would be in a relationship rather than in a single. First of all, I've been in a single for too long time. It's time to date someome who loves and cares me! I've been looking for that someone too long time. And you can love someone truly even if it's not a man, after you experience true and real love. Also you can have a suppport and encouragement emotionally from just the existence of your lover because it means you have your own 'cheer leader' like family even if you make a mistake or you are depressed. So I think it's better to be in a relationship than in a single.
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Re: Single or In a Relationship?

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This problem is in people's own personalities.
Surprisingly, there are a lot of people who want to remain in single. Most of them want to be freeeee.
In my case, I need a care so I can concentrate on my work. But, the other side of the people say that there are not 100% freedom so we cannot concentrate on our whole works. So, I think it is just personality-problem, and there is no answer.
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Re: Single or In a Relationship?

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I think It is differ from individual to individual.
People who are lonely would better to be in a relationship.
But People who enjoy single lives would better to be singles.
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Re: Single or In a Relationship?

Post by Moregrace »

I think being single is better than relationship. Please, singleness does not mean loneliness, when you are single you can still have friends, family, relatives that you can share your feeling with. When you are single you remain focus in your studies, you think on how to please God, you don't loose focus, you don't spend money unnecessary just to please your girlfriend or your boyfriend. Being in relationship is not bad but if that relationship is not God's will for your life that is when your heart will be broken, you will be hurt, you loose focus for life. Singleness is not loneliness
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Re: Single or In a Relationship?

Post by Pimen »

Well i think both situations are good.
It's good when you are single and have friends and go out with them, travel, knew different places and people.
Stay happy with yourself and enjoy your freedom, your own responsibilities.

I enjoy my single life, but actually I'm 5 year married and it's good too. Because you have somebody with make different things, somebody you can talk with, laugh, learn, and you can make beautiful memories together. So in the future you have a lot stories to tell to your kids or grandkids.
Right know we have a baby girl she's 2 years old and its so nice that we can saw her grow and definitely we enjoy every stage; both are so happy to spent time with her, its truly a blessing.
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Re: Single or In a Relationship?

Post by silvamani »

Dears, my opinion would be different.
Even we can survive without relationship in certain time. we can fun, enjoy and more then less we can do anything whatever we wants.
As we can share our goods and bad experiences with our friends in time to time which leads us relaxation.
Most probably we can buy anything from the market accordingly to their worth but something we cannot buy from market which can give good relationship.
But i have come to conclude from my personnel experience and point of view; faith and good relationship can assist you to lead to mountain with joy and happiness
But at the same time without trust, open sharing and understanding with partner that would be leaded to hails
Relationship give relaxation,calm, happiness and joyes but in the single
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