Single or In a Relationship?

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Is it better to be single or in a relationship?

In a Relationship
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Re: Single or In a Relationship?

Post by HappyDoyeonJUN »

This isn't an easy question for me. I know being single and being in a relationship both have their pros and cons.

Being single means I have control of myself, I don't have to go through the emotional struggles and mood swings you get from being in a relationship.
I don't hurt myself and do not hurt my loved one, too. I also have time for myself, which means I can invest my time to become better me.
My heart will not be broken. I don't have to suffer from bad break-ups.

Being in a relationship means I have someone who care about me. I care about him/her, too. He will be on my side, supporting me through everything.
I will want to become a better person for him because I love him so much. Being two offers me a lot more things to do than being a single.
The joy and happiness I get from a relationship is just too much to give up.

Either way, I will have good and hard times. I can't say I prefer one thing to the other. However, I have my rules. First, be loyal and sincere when I am in a relationship. If I don't relationships seriously I am just wasting his time and emotions and mine. Second, enjoy my single life when I can. I hope to fine the answer sooner or later.
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Re: Single or In a Relationship?

Post by AllA+/Sian_Winstanley »

I think Led Zeppelin's "The Rain Song" says it all..


Lyrics: ... nsong.html

I always get goosebumps at 5:00 into the song.
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Re: Single or In a Relationship?

Post by smilesunjumin »

I've been single since I was born. I really wanted and still want to have a boyfriend, but it doesn't seem like I will find one. So bad :oops:

Anyway, I think being in a relationship is better than being a single.
Well it's a hassle, definately. If you are alone, you are free. You can do whatever you want.
But as you are in a society, I think we should learn how we live with others. It's a good way to learn how we live together.

Also, when people are young, it does not matter, but as they grow older, living alone is tough thing.
Either physically or psychologically, living with someone else is better than living alone.
There's a study that shows that people who never got married have chance to die whithin 8 years about 58 % higher than those who got married.
As I live alone now, I can agree with that.
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Re: Single or In a Relationship?

Post by Tony-w56/200702094 »

Well, I guess being in a relationship would whole lot better than being single.
I'm a person who likes to get along with people because I like to feel the sense of belonging.
I like sharing my feelings, opinions, and values.
So, the best person to share will be the one who I am on a relationship with.
He will be the person who will always be on my side, and always consider my feelings.

Many people told me experiencing lots of men, will help me to meet a better man in the future.
This doesn't mean that I do not take the relationship seriously the whole time,
but I would not refuse the oppurtunity to go out with a man who truly cares for me.

I do really want to get married at the age of 26!
I'm trying on it but,
It seems to be soooooo complicated than I thought.
Daeun Lee
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Re: Single or In a Relationship?

Post by Daeun Lee »

Now i'm single ;-p When i broke up with my ex-boy friend, it was so convenient at the first time. I could use my own time and i could meet my friends often, free from text messaging or phone call etc. However, in the long run, i would feel lonely. The strongeset point of relationship is that anyhow there's a person who could I lean on, grumble and feel comfort. It's like i have my own fan and supporter. This feeling gives me stability.

On the other hand, being in a relationship can be troublesome because we become take care and bother each other. But everything has its advantages and disadvantages, right? Cause it's very cold winter, i strongly think that two is better than one. Especially when my friends have all their lover.
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Re: Single or In a Relationship?

Post by Nelly »

Jummm I was in a relationship from 13 years old until 23. I waste 10 years in my life to be in a relationship. Well I am now single and its perfect. I am enjoying my life totally! I think that my problem was that I never enjoy my life by my self! I am not saying that a relationship its bad I am just saying that we need space, free time, be with friends and family and not just be with your boyfriend or girlfriend. There is time for everything! Enjoy your life!
lost dongyeon
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Re: Single or In a Relationship?

Post by lost dongyeon »

I vote to in a relationship.
because I really sad and sorry when I have to go home after dating w/th my girlfriend.
So if we married, we can watch movie at night and don't have to worry about the last train.
and can go home together.
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Re: Single or In a Relationship?

Post by (LOST) Jihan_Song »

First I got impressed by the result that the number of single is less than of those who are in a relationship.
Actually I expected the inverse of this result. Surprisingly sad!

Now I answer your question: Is it better to be a single than to be in a relationship?

I suppose nobody loves to be a single indeed. Even anyone who profess himself or herself to be an "eternal" single must seek for Mr. Right or Ms. Right. They just feel like wanting to surrender to the reality which makes them hard to keep trying to fight for love. I am so sure that they will recant what they have said if they find their loves.

The ancesters of all human-beings are Adam and Hawwah. In the beginning of the world was Love between them. Love made the history of human and the world.

I believe love is indispensible and being a single ain't better than being a couple. Two is better than One.
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Re: Single or In a Relationship?

Post by (Lost)Haein.Cho »

i think it depends on person...
one of my friend cannot be alone so she makes a boyfriend very soon after breaking up.
but the other friend doesnt care about that problem even though men were crushed on her. even though she doesn't have a boyfriend she is always happy!kk

which one is better cannot make a
Sun Jee kyoung
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Re: Single or In a Relationship?

Post by Sun Jee kyoung »

If you use the word "Single" as a meaning of "Not having a boyfriend or a girlfriend"
then i would like to say "Yes, i definitely prefer to be a single"
Well, first of all
I don't have to care about my look very much, i don't have to have hard time to figure out what to wear, whether to tie my hair or not
anyway, something like this. I hate it ! I just hate it. It just gives me a headache.
Second, I can have my own time, can feel kind of freedom. In my view, one of the resons that couple broke up is "tying down and
obssesion to other". I don't know why, but even the person who thought him or herself as a "cool" person, when they got a boyfriend or
girlfriend they usually tell everything from the trifles. And it's much more true in this highly developed Free Wireless Internet world.
We've got KAKAOTALK which we can send a message for free. Cell phones never leave our hands.
People keep talking(actually texting through phones when they are not with thier boy or girlfriend)
with their boyfriend or girlfriend since it does not cost. Keep texting throughout the day???????????hate it.
i am not saying this because i am a single now lol...................................hahaaaaaaaaaaaa
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Re: Single or In a Relationship?

Post by (lab102)jeonyoujeong »

I think both have merits and demeritz. When I was in a relationship, I could feel that I was being loved for a while. But, as times go by, I was under his thumb. My mind was shaken more than twelve times a day. I couldn't do anyhing what I have to do, because I was always thinking about why he doesn't call? Or why he have done such like ~? On the contrary, when I am single, as now, I feel so easy, comfortble, untroubled. But, sometimes I feel lonely when I saw a couple or had a difficult problem. Then I used to wish for someone's coming whom I can rely on and give great affection.
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Re: Single or In a Relationship?

Post by (102)kangkyeongtae »

Hi everyone! my name is kyeongtae kang. I want to talk about this online discussion topic. we often hear that whether to get married or not cannot be decided. but I'am not agree with this common ideas. i think that whether to get married or not is should be dicided by their each delicate situations. the money, the timing..... like this things is important elements to get married. however what i really want to say is their true mind. we should consider like this question " will i live happily even after the marriage this person?
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Re: Single or In a Relationship?

Post by AYANFE »

I will say is better to be married than to remain single because God ordained marriage that is why God said is not a good thing for a man to be alone that he will Adam an help meet. I the beginning we were created male and female.
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Re: Single or In a Relationship?

Post by (101)Sol a Kim »

I don't care about other people's relationship :) But in my case, actually I don't want to be alone when I die^^ . I don't know I will marry, but at least I will not live rest of my life as a single. I think people can't live alone because of it's true character.
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Re: Single or In a Relationship?

Post by lab102-KimSieun »

Of course, being in a relationship has some side effects.
As someone said, dating with boyfriend or girlfiend costs much money.
But, monetary problem can't be the reason to being single i think.
You are in a relationship means that you can lean on somebody and you can be the one your partner can be rest.
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