gay or lesbian, What do you think?

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201020952 kim hye kyung
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Re: gay or lesbian, What do you think?

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Nice to meet you. ^ ^
Your topic is interest.
I agree for love of gay and lesbian.
Like your opinion, I think that their' love is different love. It is their right that they love in another way.
Also, In modern society, we have to recognize the individuality of people. So they used to reveal their' love.
I've often seen lesbians. Most people looked at them strangely. But they don't care about people's eye.
I want that their' love are respect. because they chose another love .
We shouldn't condemn them without reason. They are living their's way.
They living differently from the public. However, It is also their right.
Have you ever seen gays and lesbians?

200920459 DongYoon
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Re: gay or lesbian, What do you think?

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Oh! This is interesting and difficult problem.
It's easy to understand by head but it's difficult to understand by heart.
I often hear jokes or swear words about homosexsual love.
I think these cases hurt gays or resbian.
I know that most people are ambisexsuals.
So what is common love? Are stands in love? Really?

200920891 NaHwi
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Re: gay or lesbian, What do you think?

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I support your opinion.
Because the point that is human beings can love each other, not just love among same sex.
If you face gay, maybe you unconfortanble.
But they don't commit a crime! (Of course some country even consider homosexuality is crime. But I think that is silly.)
And they would never harm to you. (Please don't delude yourself that gay might love you. They have own type too.)
For example, I have a few gay friends.
They are nice and behave ordinarily.
They are not insane. They absolutely have no mental disease.
To me, they are just good friends.
Are you really sure of yourself at your love?
It may be that your real love is a person that same sex.
If so, can you judge their love even then?

201020474 eunji kim
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Re: gay or lesbian, What do you think?

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In my opinion, I'm really don't mind them. All kind of Loves must be respectable because of their sublimity.
But I think I have a multiple personality.
Actually I saw lesbian in my high school. I'm very surprised that time and feeling complexes that time.

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Re: gay or lesbian, What do you think?

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I personally do not have anything against homosexuality too. Im not in the position to judge others for their whom they choose to be. It is their chose and therefore, we should all respect that. If you would put yourself into their shoes, then how would you want others to think of you? If you would consider this question then it would be easier to understand that persons emotions as well. they were not born to be gay or a lesbian. The love they share with each other is the same as how we love our opponents as well. Love is love. I have many gay friends around me and they are just normal people just like us but the only difference is that they fall for their own sex and that doesn't mean that they are not human.

(A plus) Lee hansol
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Re: gay or lesbian, What do you think?

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I agree with the love between same sex. In other words, I agree with gay or lesbian.
Everyone has their own right in love. To love same sex is their choice and I think there isn't any right to blame them in us.
In a wide perspective, they also love one other human like us. there is no difference in here.
There are some people who see gay or lesbian as a criminal, but they actually don't make any problem in society and they don't do harm to other people.
Therefore, I don't disagree with gay or lesbian.

(starbucks)Hong ji eun
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Re: gay or lesbian, What do you think?

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well, in fact i'm not homosexual. but i also agree with your opinion.
because like your saying, they are human being. however you know that many people discriminate against homosexual. i think that prejudice to them is not a good ideal. because that is also one of the ways of love. they just love each other .so i thnk that we need to respect their love.

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