You know 돌싱?

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201020497 Da Hee Park
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You know 돌싱?

Post by 201020497 Da Hee Park »

This is about marriage, but I want to talk about single, especially retured single.
You may see singles, we said like 돌싱.
Maybe, you chuckle when you listen 돌싱.
But it is very bad thing.
We say like single who retured, correctly they divorce.
This word show divorce have increased, and we doesn't matter about divorce.
We think divorce is private problem, and their problem.
But divorce isn't just their problem.
Divorce make many problem.....
I know we can't stop divorce.
What I want is that we don't think divorce is easy thing, and a joking matter.

200720615 Suin
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Re: You know 돌싱?

Post by 200720615 Suin »

I agree your opinion. recently, the divorce is more and more increased. do you think that How can we decrease divorce?

200420011 Kim Do-Hyoung
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Re: You know 돌싱?

Post by 200420011 Kim Do-Hyoung »

I partly agree with your opinion.
Divorce is a personal issue. But "dolsing" the meaning of the word is perhaps not a joke.

Divorce is a big issue, but there is no need to take too seriously.
Divorced people are criminals? They should not have a social life?
I don't think so.
Divorce is a process of life that anyone can experience.

In my opinion, all we need is to reduce the bias against divorced.
What do you think?

201020465 sunmin kim
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Re: You know 돌싱?

Post by 201020465 sunmin kim »

oh, I agree,too
Many people seem to think about divorce easily.
But the divorce was decided carefully.
you are all right.

200720274 Kim minsoo
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Re: You know 돌싱?

Post by 200720274 Kim minsoo »

divorce. that is too badthing... yes, we can't stop divorce. but we try stop divorce.
you thinking divorce? you want single? i don't like it. person don't live alone. you think so too?

201020156 Cho EunJung
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Re: You know 돌싱?

Post by 201020156 Cho EunJung »

I know that newly coined word. Like your opinion, nowadays many people think that divorce is not a big problem.
But it's a real big problem! Because it could provoke serious social problem. For instance, divorced parent's child may take deep hurt.

What is your opinion to solve increasing divorce problem?
And how to take care about divorced parent's children?

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Re: You know 돌싱?

Post by smileMitnimaJung »

200720615 Suin wrote:I agree your opinion. recently, the divorce is more and more increased. do you think that How can we decrease divorce?
Maybe living together before getting married might help decrease the divorce rate. In this case, they could get to know each other better. If they have lived together and get married, they have already experienced living together, so they will have less problem

happy Yiwen -Wang
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Re: You know 돌싱?

Post by happy Yiwen -Wang »

I think you are right . As our society is changing in a rapid speed, people's view on marriage is also changing a lot .Divorce is not that bad thing that it give two people the choice to select the right person who can bring happiness to each other.We should accept the reality .

Lost_Jueun Jeong
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Re: You know 돌싱?

Post by Lost_Jueun Jeong »

I partially agree with this idea " Divorce makes many social problems'.
but I can say there are more other problems which is made by not just a divorce but also other changes in these days such as a multicultural family, same sex marrige and 'doubleincome no kid' family.
also i think divorce is just a decision among people who are engaged in, so we can not say that your divorce is bad and it causes many problems.

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Re: You know 돌싱?

Post by (Lost)Ju »

Yeah I think divorce is not that light issue.
Most children's stories ends with a phase that "They got married and lived happily ever after."
I really want to say that's so~~~~~irresponsible.
Children should know what the reality is. The life after getting married is the most important which should be dealt with in much more detail.

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Re: You know 돌싱?

Post by woogayeon(sixzero7) »

You are right, divorce is not a easy thing.
It is a very serious problem. Because it causes many social problem.
I think in contemporary society, many people consider divorce as not that seriouse problem. It is very sad thing. So I think modern people have to think "divorce" as a serious problem. And we have to think again if when we want to divorce.

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Re: You know 돌싱?

Post by (sixzero7)Leekwanhee »

I think not all 돌싱 is bad.
There are many different situations to many other people.
Divorce is not good like what you said. I agree with you.
But there are some people who can't help divorcing because of their own situation.
So I think we should not criticize every 돌싱 without any comprehension.

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