solo or couple

Talk about dating, breaking up, getting married, etc. This is where you can talk about units 2 & 4 in Authentic English Readings for Advanced Students.
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200820005 kwon joong je
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solo or couple

Post by 200820005 kwon joong je »

hello, Everyone !

this topic is so interesting. Recently because spring comes, i flutter my heart.

do you have boy friend or girl friend?

I think two better than one!!!!

i don't have girl friend for 3years . I broke up with girl friend 3years ago and i went army for 2years.

now, I have used to no girl friend, but I am lonely nowadays, I need a girl friend kk

Of course, Alone may be convenient, saving money, saving time but two will be

better than sole, I envy campus couple. but I do not cry, because I am strong guy.zzz
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200520484 Noh jaejoong
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Re: solo or couple

Post by 200520484 Noh jaejoong »

so so so brave man joong je.
i'm campus couple :) lol
if u want to be couple, go to library ! it's top secret for you bro
i found out my girl friend in library and not going out with her ! yeah !

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Re: solo or couple

Post by 200820057ahnjunyoung »

hI my brother

I think you are perfect man

I think you get girlfriend soon

How about search for Il-san???

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Re: solo or couple

Post by 200820052Seojuwon »

hi my dear friend joong je
you have a nice girlfriend ....someday
because you strong man kkkkkkkkk

200820035 Tae ho
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Re: solo or couple

Post by 200820035 Tae ho »

i push ahead blind date .kkk

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Re: solo or couple

Post by 201120120 »

i envy cc too.
but... i'm ok...
beacause i'm strong guy too zz

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Post by Tony-W78JackShin »

Well first of all, your title "solo or couple" should be changed to "single or in a relationship".

the word 'solo' is either an adjective meaning 'doing something alone', or a noun referring to a solo artist or musician.

It's a common mistake Koreans make. Anyway, back to the point.

I'm sorry to hear that you've been single for quite some time.

Many singles point out that being alone saves time and money.

However, that's just an excuse for backing up your reasons of being single.

Life is much better when you have someone to spend your days with.

You may find your lover naturally, by spending time with a friend of the opposite gender.

I don't really like the idea of blind dates though, since the act itself is comprised of two desperate singles.

What's more, when you 'blind date', you date the person before you even know him/her. It's not how love is supposed to start.

There's nothing wrong with 'campus couples', unless you see each other every day. Then the relationship would start to get dull.

Don't be sad. Just chill. You'll find your lover sooner or later. :)

Tony-W12 201100555
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Re: solo or couple

Post by Tony-W12 201100555 »

It's spring!!
The perfect weather for dating.
But, I'm single now. :(
I have nothing to do with this perfect weather.
Soon, Kyung Hee university's cherry blossoms are in full bloom.
Before that time, I wish I have a boyfriend!!!!!!!!!

200920611 Yoo Minji
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Re: solo or couple

Post by 200920611 Yoo Minji »

3years???????? make me sad...
i really hope you have a NICE girl friend!!!!
cheer up!!

201020495 Park Na Hye
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Re: solo or couple

Post by 201020495 Park Na Hye »

well.... i'm little bit different.
i think solo is much better
of course couple is good
but if i am a couple i always have to be with him
and i have to contact with him everytime
so... i think solo is better^^

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Re: solo or couple

Post by ekthasla9174 »

201020677 bang da som.

now l am soloooooo.............ã… ã… ã… ã… ã… ã… ã… ã… ã… ã…  sometimes i hate solo.
and sometimes very lonely . but i think almost solo profitable. solo enjoy they time, go with friends.
but why so many people think solo is loser, couple is winner? i think this bias we society atmosphere.
so we change the people bias! solo is not good?! no! they are just have not lover and couple they have a lover.
plz, we early change the mind! solo is just haven't lover. cheer up solo ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹

200820035 Tae ho
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Re: solo or couple

Post by 200820035 Tae ho »

hey joong je.
i think you very have high eyes.
you have good body and face.
but i hope you don't have a girl friend.
if you have a girl friend, i and jun-young are very sad.

201020501 songeun
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Re: solo or couple

Post by 201020501 songeun »

ME too! i think two better than one!

i have boyfriend! yesterday is my 100day!

so,we have good time!

he prepared a lot of event and many special schedule.

um... have you ever been meeting?

try to making girlfriend!

200820937 Jun-Ha Choe
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Re: solo or couple

Post by 200820937 Jun-Ha Choe »

Solo is good.

I am comfortable alone.

Anyway life is alone.

The couple is no use.

Somehow sad.

200820371 sehee
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Re: solo or couple

Post by 200820371 sehee »

I'm so sorry about your situation :(
But I belive that you can make a good girl friend soon.
If you meet someone you will loss your freedom and sometimes your girl friend will bother you.
But also you can learnd how to understand someone and you can make good memorys with your girfried.
Do you agree my opinion?

cheer up!!! 8)

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