about my boyfriend

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about my boyfriend

Post by tony-w56200900203 »

i have boyfriend and we have 50 anniversary 2 days later. quite a few days but i was happy and i hope he does.
i am the first girlfriend even though he is 25. we spend time talking about music, interests, foods, places want to go and so on.
but the problem is.. he lives in the place far from i live in. he or i ride subway approximately 90 mits to meet each other.
3 hours a day.

we met quite a lot on febuary because of winter break but situation got worse due to mid-term.
i don't like kakao talk, and even chatiing on phone.

what should we do?
waiting 2 weeks and studying in their place is the best thing?

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Re: about my boyfriend

Post by Tony-w12-201001691 »

Hey there, I'm Woo Kun Song taking part in Tony's class on Wednesdays at 1/2.
I'm 22 years old, and although I havn't had that much experience in dating, I think I have a few suggestions that might help you out with your problems.

First off, althought it might be out of my place to say, this isn't something you can solve just by asking others. Each and every couple have their own personal problems, ones that are different from all the other couples in the world. In some cases they might be similar, but in the end, it's about you and your mate- something other couples will not be able to relate to, as every human being has their own specific personalities and traits. The most reasonable answer would be for you and your boyfriend to work it out somehow, whether it be by conversation or you taking the initiative. I'm a guy myself, and let me tell you, we will have no idea at all that girls are having troubles thinking about these types of problems unless the lady tells us first. Honestly, that's just how guys are. :P
Whether the guy is willing to change and help make you feel more comfortable is up to him, but if he loves you for sure then I'm sure there will be no problems at all.

Next.. I'll give you a little bit of my own opinions. I don't think waiting two weeks and just focusing on your studies will solve anything. If anything, it'll get even worse than it is right now. Who's to say that after mid-terms that you two will have more free time? Life is uncertain, and there are tons of unexpected events that will head up your ways. As I've said above, the best method is for you two to talk it out. Who knows, he might be thinking the same thing to himself; that he's unhappy because he's currently unable to devote as much time as he wants to you, whether it be because of his studies and mid-terms, or other things such as part-time jobs. The easiest, and best method is by having a conversation. Sure, beginning the 'talk' is a hard thing. Actually, it's the hardest part for any couples. But once it is successfully started, because of your bonds and love, I have my belief that everything will be sorted out. As they always say, never underestimate the power of love!

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Re: about my boyfriend

Post by 201020356 Hyun Na »

I know..One of the my friend got through the same situation. But my friend told me sometimes It is better.
They can understand each other more. How about think more positively?

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Re: about my boyfriend

Post by 201020246 Kwon Hyo Won »

Well... I had a boyfirned who was living in different province. we met 2years ago when we was a high school student since we are the same age.
Anyway, we kept going out with each other after we got into university. And we were attending different university again. And then it passed 1 year.
:) Well hows your day??? do you often meet him?? :) waiting for 2 weeks is too hard, right ??I did the same.. so i think i can understand your mind.

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Re: about my boyfriend

Post by 200920759 Young Uk Jyoung »

In the case, for long distance date, you should take the time to trust each other. I think it is most important to long distance couples. Of course you can miss your boyfriend. However there are good things in your case. you have times
prepare for your future. And your boyfriend have that time too. If you and your bofriend prepare the future for eachother,
And then dating after grow up, you will be very nice couple ^^.Of course the relationship between you and your boyfriend will be continued. ^^

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Re: about my boyfriend

Post by 201020492 do kang hyuk »

wow!! First, I celebrate you. I guess your boyfriend have good personality.
I understand your situation. certainly some poople have "Out of sight, Out of mind."
but i guess you and your boyfriend have find things in common each other. example, music, interests, foods, ects.doesn't it??
then, problem is nothing!! your relation is lovely and fantastical!!
you and your boyfriend just do one's best contact and meet!!
if it is less than other couple, it doesn't mean relation or love cooled.
you can you and your boyfriend believe and concern for each other. i think it is best way.
i believe you also think me. doesn't it?? i cheer you!! you can it!!
also, i commend reading books and exert every effort your growth.
it's comfort yourself.

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Re: about my boyfriend

Post by 201020196kimhyeseung »

Wow still envy.
Alone was supposed to have a boyfriend.
Maybe I worry about them when you are away from anxiety and far Enough.
Send us a good time, as though the day's meeting.
I would spend every day alone with her ​​friends.
My boyfriend and I want to recommend me to try something special.
I show a lot of movies and cafes in the usual bloody memories that might trip or even restaurants where we've got to go if your ex-boyfriend, I want to.
Pretty long in love. ^ ^

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Re: about my boyfriend

Post by 201020872 강성진 »

oh i know that TT

hello my name is kang sung jin

i have a girl friend and live in very far place too!!

she live in song nae but i live in near of the kyo dae station

i have to go to my girl friends house for 1hours 30minutes

in my case

i don't like send massege . then, i choose call!

when you are in break time, you should call to your girl friend

when you are very busy situation, you can focus on your task

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Re: about my boyfriend

Post by smileserawi »

I think you should accept the situation and adapt yourself to it first. If you started to be unhappy, complaints against him could be built up and lead to breakup. Call him or send him a message as often as you can. And express your feelings of love frequently! It helps to overcome loneliness. I recommend you to try to use video telephone. You can talk to and watch each other in the distance. When the situation is not good, try to concentrate on your own life (though it would be hard for you to do...) You'd better talk about this problem with your boyfriend 'cause love is a two-way process! Cheer up!!
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Re: about my boyfriend


I think it is up to you and your boyfriend!
If you think you can get through this, distance could be a advantage of your relationship.
The reason I can tell you that is because I have an example.
My firend have had relationship for 3 years, and her boyfriend is ROTC so he lives in 포항?대전?(Sorry I can not remeber...)
So they have to wait for each other for every 2 weeks.
But my friend said "Of course we miss each other, but it's doesn't metter. We have a lot of time to spand to study or meet friends."
I know it is not easy, but you can still think about good point!!

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