The Intercultural world

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front door(sung jin-kim)
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The Intercultural world

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I think culture flows freely to where peole get together and meet. I believe culture includes love because people make culture and do love. Culture containing love makes us more close and lovely in our relationship, therefore we live with culture. The world is getting small and narrow, so our surrounding is more wide and large. Diverse cultures look different and have gap, but actually they are same in a point of human being. The world could be absorbed in one thing we have about love. We make culture and culture make understanding, finally it makes love.

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Re: The Intercultural world

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I agree with your point. i think all humen beings are same at some points. So basically, people have got something similar inside them. I think you called it as 'love'. To understand other's culture better, we need to understand them. To understand it better, we need to love them. I think this is your point and I agree with it.
To add my point, I totally agree with interalism. Especially these days all societies change a lot in many ways and share cultures. I like this becuase by sharing cultures we can learn from each other and fix bad things we have.

I just want to add something here. 'Make love' means having sex.

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Re: The Intercultural world

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wow, you have a good and wide mind!
I envy you!:)
because I have exprienced cultural gap with my volunteer partner when I was in Haenam as one of member of volunteers.
I was gave up to understanding different nation partner at that time.
maybe I should have had mind like you!
thanks for reminding me of this feeling :)
the reason our world could be more peaceful is that, in the world, there are many people is thinking like you :)
I respect you!

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