i wanna make a boyfriend

Talk about dating, breaking up, getting married, etc. This is where you can talk about units 2 & 4 in Authentic English Readings for Advanced Students.
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i wanna make a boyfriend

Post by lost-Soojung-Moon »

Hello ~ Do u have girlfriend or boyfriend?
Actually , i envy other couples..:-(
Bcuz i want to make a boyfriend. Now.. lovely spring is coming..
so i want to go out with my future boyfriend. kkkk

how about u ?
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Re: i wanna make a boyfriend

Post by apple-parkgyuoh »

Me too. Every winter, i hope all the couple in the world freeze to death but they are warmer than me since they feel their partner's warmth. :evil: Every spring, flowers blossom on happy couples face but not in my garden. In summer, I look for girls to go swimming pool with me but always go 'sauna' with guys. Every fall, I wish falling in love, but there is only falling leaves and i fall in abyss. :oops:
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Re: i wanna make a boyfriend

Post by (101)minkyungshin »

haha cute post!

and sad at the same time!

there would be some boyfriends out there! hopely....
cheers to our loneliness :)
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Re: i wanna make a boyfriend

Post by (101)sohnjinjoo »

I had no boy friend for past four years but I got one last year from English class.
Ask your friends around for sogaeting and take many classes and go out to meet many people as possible.
Opportunity doesn't come when you stay home.
Even if you feel lonely, dating any or random guy is not a good idea.
You'll meet a good person soon! I hope you meet a good one!
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Re: i wanna make a boyfriend

Post by (sixzero7)kimsongmi »

um.... i envy other couples too....actually....
but we have our own life which differs with couple's life :)
we can enjoy lovely spring fully
we don't need to envy only because they are "couples" vaguely
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Re: i wanna make a boyfriend

Post by (starbucks)Eun-jae Rhee »

lol, I could not expect the topic like this :)
When we are walking around the school, we can see many couples around us.
And these days, I can easily hear that someone escaped from solo.
But I do not feel the necessity of a boyfriend though I often say to my friends that I want a boyfriend.
Because I love to have my personal time and I feel tired to keep chatting(online chatting like Kakao-talk or other) with someone....
Am I weird? haha
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Re: i wanna make a boyfriend

Post by (starbucks)Han Sun Joo »

Actually I have a boyfriend. Um.... I recommend making boyfriend. Because if you have a boyfriend, you and boyfriend can help each other when you fall into adversity. Moreover, especially!! I think that you will feel happiness everyday. :lol: So... If someone say "I love you.", just say "Thank you." and meet him or her.^^
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Re: i wanna make a boyfriend

Post by (Starbucks)Seungjae Lee »

It's really cute topic. I also envy all of couples.
Actually there are more than ten pair of couples in our department(English literature).
Can you imagine it? And the weather is getting warmer and nicer but I don't have any girlfriend to date with. Well... Someday I and you can make boyfriend or girlfriend. Cheer up!
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Re: i wanna make a boyfriend

Post by (starbucks)leehyeonsoo »

I also think it's a very cute and fun topic.

I think having a boyfriend or a girlfriend is a really good thing.
I've been in Yeouido today, and a lot of couples were there.

I was with my friends, and actually I felt a little bit frustrated seeing their skinships..
I don't know I may have felt jealous, or i just thought it inappropriate.

Either way, although I've never got a girlfriend, I think having one is a great thing.
Though I'm happy without one.
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Re: i wanna make a boyfriend

Post by (apple)phamchiduc »

haha =) if things go weird enough, this learning site could actually turn into a internet dating site (jk)

anyways, yeah i also envy those who are not alone at the time...whether its winter or spring...
it's weird because when i used to date, i was so frustrated about it...,with all the fighting and making up,
and now when i'm single again, i actually miss it =) I don't know what i want.

Hope you find your future boyfriend soon ^^ and i - mine (girlfriend in my case)=)
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Re: i wanna make a boyfriend

Post by (starbucks)Han Hye Kyung »

I also think that having a boyfriend is nice, of course. But I think you should wait until right person to come out. I don't mean that you should be picky on your boyfriend but I think you should believe in your faith and act bravely when the right man comes front.
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Re: i wanna make a boyfriend

Post by (lab102)jounghwanpark »

I think it's normal for people to feel the need for someone they can share and do things with when the seasons change. There are pros and cons in going out with someone, and I' d just like to mention some of the negatives since most people would be aware of the positives. As a student, you might end up spending too much money on dating without realizing, hence, not have enough money to get through the semester. You mimght also spend too much time dating nd not concentrate on your studies, hence, end up having to take summer vacation courses or re-take courses next semester. However, managing your studies and dating well at the same time would enable you to enjoy the semester a whole lot better.
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Re: i wanna make a boyfriend

Post by (102)kangkyeongtae »

I can totally understand what your meaning.
Whenever I came to the campus and then I noticed the weather is so good

Look at the campus! It’s a lovely day!
It ‘s quite natural that everyone want to date with someone in this lovely day!

In fact, one of the desire that I had is to become campus couple

I hoped to walk through our campus holding my partners’ hands. All I want is this!

But I realized that falling in love is not simple process.
And also if I fall in love with someone, who does not show same reciprocate same feeling, I may feel deep sence of pain.
it’s the reason why I always step back when I meet special someone. ㅜㅜ
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Re: i wanna make a boyfriend

Post by Apple-GyeYeonCho »

Actually, I have a girlfriend. I'm...sorry.... :cry: :cry:

I just want to say to you one famous proverb that it is perfectly fit in your situation.

It's "If there is a will, there is a way".

I think you can make a boyfriend if you don't hesitate to say "I like you".

Try and make it! I wish you to get a boyfriend in near future :D
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Re: i wanna make a boyfriend

Post by (starbucks)Hong ji eun »

oh!!! me too. when spring come, i also wanna make a boyfriend. because there are lots of couple in spring.
especially, there are good things. for example we can depend on boyfriend when we are suffering from difficult situation.
so, i also wanna make a boyfriend. but you know that the problem is there's no man.. that is sad things :cry:
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