How about international marriage(sixzero7)

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Yoo Byoung Jun
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How about international marriage(sixzero7)

Post by Yoo Byoung Jun »

The number of international marriage couples is increasingly on the rise and we can see now easily them anywhere.
People still have some kind of prejudices against them, however.
To solve the problem that those who work in the country have trouble finding brides and the number of people in Korea is decreasing, international marriage is a good solution.
What is your opinion?

(apple)kim sojeong
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Re: How about international marriage(sixzero7)

Post by (apple)kim sojeong »

The idea of suggesting international marriage as a "solution" to "help" the bachelors in the country side is just wrong. Simply, WRONG.

Marriage should something very sacred. Love should be the foundation of that commitment.
But bringing in women from Southeast Asia is nothing close to that.
It almost seems like importing 'stuff'.

Yes, procreation can be a part of marriage, but it is not the reason why people get married in the first place.

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Re: How about international marriage(sixzero7)

Post by parkboin »

I think the notion that bringing bride from foreign countries can be solution is not necessarily best. Because it is very near-sighted.
Have you ever heard about 'problem of multicultural family'? It refers to a problem resulting from intenational marriage couple and their children. There's are such many problems as obstacles with communication, bullying from school, biased viewpoint to them and social discrimination etc. Marriage is not only mutual thing between bride and groom but is including their future kids and whole family as weill. So, in addressing bachelor problem, it is wrong that internatioal marriage is cure-all ; it has many side effects.

Furthemore, most of the international marrige in Kore is held by Wedding agecy or agent. That is, it became too commercial. I heard the attractiveness and youth of bride is positively related with the amount of money groom gives to agency. It's a total commericalism ! It way out too much. Marriage is based on a love(the pure emotion of humans), not on a money(the awful things in modern). Of course not all international marriage is like this, but we need to be careful with rash marriage.

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Re: How about international marriage(sixzero7)

Post by starbucks-Leekyuik »

International marriages in Korea's country have so many problems like racisism.But in country international wedding is inevitable.Because there are so many men and so less women in country.So without international marriege, the population of country would drop sharply. To sum up international wedding in country is not desirable but inevitable.

(starbucks)Han Sun Joo
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Re: How about international marriage(sixzero7)

Post by (starbucks)Han Sun Joo »

My opinion is little different to youre opinion. Actually, we have prejudice about foreign workers. But I think that international marriage can't be a way to solve this social problem. If we want to solve this problem, we have to be reeducated abot foreign workers and respect them. Yes. International marriage may be helpful to these situation at short term. However, it can't be a basic solution.

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Re: How about international marriage(sixzero7)

Post by A+bakyeoeul »

Increasing the population is just one of the diverse reasons of marriage and is quite subordinate to others. It would be better to carry a policy focusing on population-increasing on married couples, not on hoping-tos if you want something to work as a solution for decreasing.

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Re: How about international marriage(sixzero7)

Post by (sixzero7)suhbokyung »

The number of international marriage is increased but it can not be a solution.The marriage is based on truth nd love so the word "solution" isn't right. In addition international marriage has side-effect.
A multicultural children will get discrimination and they may feel they belong nowhere. And multicultural policy isn't complete, so it makes mukticultural family hard. Therefore i don't think international marriage is a solution.

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Re: How about international marriage(sixzero7)

Post by (sixzero7)kimyuhye »

I think a marrige should be done by love of that couple, not as a way to slove problems.
International couples have to be respected for they made hard choices for their love.
But in the case of international marriages that take place in rural area, most of couples are marrying because of their needs.
Brides often escape and grooms get incurable scars. I think this is not home.
Of course, It's wrong to see international couples with biased sight. But in the true meaning of marriage and love,
marriages only by win-win strategy can go wrong.

Starbucks - Lee JiHoon
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Re: How about international marriage(sixzero7)

Post by Starbucks - Lee JiHoon »

I agree with the idea above. Although it is not so common in the urban districts in S.Korea, the rural places like Ansan is populating with the international marriage couples. Since the agriculture of the country is degrading in a industrial way, not many women and even men are participating in agriculture and farming. Thereby, men, who are comparably outnumbering women in the rural districts, are in need of women who can bear their child to continue their family offspring. In this case, international marriage is inevitable. However, in the S.Korean atmosphere, foreigners, especially Southeast Asians, are treated with severe biases because there are not that much foreigners in Korea. In conclusion, I think since the growth of international marriage is inevitable, people should bear the fact that S.Korea is not a country that has solely Koreans.

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Re: How about international marriage(sixzero7)

Post by (sixzero7)HamSuMin »

My opinion is little bit different from the above. I thinnk that international wedding has been popular lately in korea, but it could be manged more strictly
bt the goverment. Because my hometown is rural, i have seen many international couples those who have many problem to live togrther. Before everything else, they married just after meeting for short time and did not know each other including culture and language. These things should be considerde before their marrige but they don't consider them at all. It could evoke many problems after they live together. These problems could not be limited just in home and it could effect whole society.

(102)TaeHyeon Lee
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Re: How about international marriage(sixzero7)

Post by (102)TaeHyeon Lee »

I think the other culture's people have a difficulty in adapting one culture.
(Adapting one culture includes having a command of a language)
It is a problem of international marriage.
So Goverment should help the other culture's people adapt one culture.

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