Is marriage necessary in modern life?

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(Lost) Eui-Hyun Kim
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Is marriage necessary in modern life?

Post by (Lost) Eui-Hyun Kim »

Do you think marriage is aa essential factor in modern life?

As recent life gets harder to live, we have many other things to cope with.
Money is the first thing and many others.

So is marriage something that we all have to engage in?
Or is it now only an option to choose from?

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Re: Is marriage necessary in modern life?

Post by (101)Leeyerang »

I think marriage is still necessary in modern life.
Nowadays people are getting more busier and they feel more stressed. When ever they are stressed out, I think the family members are the people who we can rely on. And If I get old as a single, I think that I would be very lonely.

(Starbucks)Young Il Seo
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Re: Is marriage necessary in modern life?

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I think, nowadays, marriage is optional not a necessary thing especially for women.
In these day, there are many people living single and the number of them has been increasing. But some people might say single life could be lonely and married people would feel more comfortable and happy about their life than unmarried people. However, My opinion is that unmarried people can also solve their lonely and uneasy problems by living together not with partner but with friends or other peeple. And especially for women, marriage could still be a obstacle for soical life in some aspects.

But, no matter what other say, choice of marriage is up to you.

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Re: Is marriage necessary in modern life?

Post by (sixzero7)Leekwanhee »

Marrage is necessary in human's life inspite of modern life.
First of all, marrage is making a family.
When people fatigued, they can get relax with their family. Family helps people be comfortable.
And if marrage is disappeared, I think humanbeing will be degenerated.
People will get relationship with many other people without any notion.
In this case, the world will be in a chaos.
So I think marrage is still necessary in modern life.

Ban Hye Jin
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Re: Is marriage necessary in modern life?

Post by Ban Hye Jin »

I agree with you.
I think marriage is the choice.Seeing people do not marry as negative do not match these days.Not to marry is also the personality of his own.
We need to have respect for individuality.Argument is that marriage is an important part of life it is the old wayof thinking.
Old pepole lived embedded in the same life of the framework.We need a changes in thinking!

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Re: Is marriage necessary in modern life?

Post by lab102-KimSieun »

I think marriage is not a neccessary thing but optional.
Today, people tends to focus on their career. In some cases, the fact that one got married is some kind of taxing, especially for women.
The one who are not married till she's over 50 has a good career in her field and she looks like happy in her life.
So, I think it's an optional thing.

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Re: Is marriage necessary in modern life?

Post by (lab102)hyeeunlee »

Marriage means deciding a person to make a family with children and live with the rest of the life.

Thus, I think the marriage is not the thing you do when you get older, but it is the means of loving someone whom I love the most. In a modern society, you can freely decide when and whom to marry with and I think marriage is not an essential thing you should do.

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Re: Is marriage necessary in modern life?

Post by woogayeon(sixzero7) »

Well, In my opinion, marriage is not a obligation in today's world.
I think it is option. If marriage is obligation to us, what if we do not have someone love? And what if we just do not want to do?
And in today's wolrd, woman's status is getting higher. women want to get their job too. I think it can be one of the reason cause, if there are babies, women can't be free.

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Re: Is marriage necessary in modern life?

Post by mimi »

In my opinion marriage is not necessary anymore nowadays because people changed over these years, it is hard to live even with your family, what about living with somebody else? Everybody works nowadays, wife doesn´t need to wait for a husband to give her money to pay the bills...

James Trotta
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Re: Is marriage necessary in modern life?

Post by James Trotta »

For those of you saying marriage isn't necessary because women want to work, what do you think about a husband and wife who maintain separate bank accounts and credit cards after marriage, just like they had their own accounts before marriage?

This is fairly normal in America. Not everyone does it, but everyone knows a couple that does it. For example, one guy had this to say about him and his wife and their accounts:
i have my own checking account
she has her own checking account
joint checking account
joint savings account

We set it up this way and then direct deposit our pay checks as follows:

We figure out how much we want to save a month and split that to the savings.

We then determine how much our monthly expenses are and split that. We pay all of our bills from the joint account like mortgage/electric/cable/groceries/etc.

Whatever is left over goes to our personal accounts.

If your incomes are not 50/50 you can always split things 60/40 etc...
Also common is this setup another friend of mine has:
The way I did it is we set up joint checking and join savings accounts but maintained our personal accounts. We each have automatic transfers set up where about 85% of our paycheck gets automatically transferred from our personal to our joint. This way, we each have some money of our own but most of it is joint.
And another friend:
We have a joint account, which about half of both of our checks go into. This covers Mortgage, Utilities, Food.

Individual accounts we pay for our cars, phones, and student loans and savings separately. It works out well for us but everyone is different.

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Re: Is marriage necessary in modern life?

Post by (103)JunhoLee »

Well, to start off with, it think marriage was always an option. Its just that people who prefere not to marry increased nowadays. I believe the reason behind the decreasing number of marriage is because there are a lot more things people can occupy them selves with compared to the past. However, I think that is the reason why people should marry. Not staying married seems like a good idea when friends are still around you to keep company but when they marry and have kids, they will no longer have time for you and you will have to live a solitary life.

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Re: Is marriage necessary in modern life?

Post by (102)suyonkim »

in my opinion marriage is not necessary in modern life. in the past time ,maybe primitive times your marraige and having a family might have been directly linked to survival; it was highly recommended because living in a large group insures protection. but nowadays? not is only an option for people who want to be psychical settlement.

(102)Wonjae LEE
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Re: Is marriage necessary in modern life?

Post by (102)Wonjae LEE »

In my opinion, marriage is not essential at all. Many married couples nowadays get a divorce because two people living together in one house is hard, even though they love each other. Marriage is like a social restraint. But there is another way for couples who want to make a progress in their relationship. For example, in sweden, Sambo is a well-known cohabitation relationship.

Section 106 – You Hyun Woo
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Re: Is marriage necessary in modern life?

Post by Section 106 – You Hyun Woo »

Marriage is still important part of human life in modern society.
Unlike the others, marriage is the only relationship that can join together two different people in one almost perfect.
Despite of its importance, it definitely depends upon the will of the person who directly involved.
Therefore, in my opinion, the question that asks the necessity of marriage is not appropriate.

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Re: Is marriage necessary in modern life?

Post by (102)YangChulJoo »

Well, I know actually there's a lot of people who live without marrige. I think it's awesome if he's not that lonely all the time. However, If someone live there live forever alone. I think it's not that good. So I think because we're human, we have to marry

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