what kind of pay-way you want?

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what kind of pay-way you want?

Post by (101)minkyungshin »

when you go out date, there are so many cases you need to pay.
in the past, man was always expected to pay for everything but things are changed now, i guess.

so how are you gonna pay for dinner, movie, coffee, or something?

i think the most common case is dinner by boy, and coffee and sweets by girl
movie tickets by boy, and popcorns and soda by girls.

do you think that is alright?
or dividing costs excactly same is?

or is there any other suggestions?
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Re: what kind of pay-way you want?

Post by (101)bibeksharma »

If you are going on a date to a restaurant or a theater, its better to share the cost until and unless guy holds a job and is earning a decent amount. Then in that case it's his courtesy to pay. In the case of students it's more logical to share the cost because they don't earn for living or anything and to burden the partner with your share of the pay too is a bit harsh i believe.

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Re: what kind of pay-way you want?

Post by (Aplus)kimyongsun »

I think it is natural to go dutch on dating cost. In case of students, they don't earn for living, so if only a man pay for the dating cost, it is too harsh for him to burden the whole dating cost. Some countries, especially in Korea, people think that the man should pay for the dating cost. However, that kind of prejudice should be removed.

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Re: what kind of pay-way you want?

Post by (starbucks)Tae-Hun, Gu »

How about this?
Man pays for all the courses on one day, and then woman pays for everything for their next date.
I think couples going Dutch in their date might look somewhat cold and calculating, don't you think?

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Re: what kind of pay-way you want?

Post by (Starbucks)Young Il Seo »

How about this ?

I think many couples have trouble deciding the proportion of charge they should pay. They may have awkward situation when they pay the bill. To solve this problem, How about making a date-account? By making a date-account, couples can avoid that uncomfortable situation by just paying through debit card. Of course, To use debit card, couples must deposit some money in account. Here is the trouble, too. I think when couples are both students who get an allowance from their parents, they should pay on a Dutch treat. But when couples are office worker and student, regardless of gender, office worker should pay more. And when couples are both office worker, the one who make more money would pay more. It's not a compulsory thing but just a suggest.

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Re: what kind of pay-way you want?

Post by (apple)phamchiduc »

How about this? ^^

You could just rent a movie, stay home and watch it while cuddling with each other on the sofa with a warm blanket over. Throw in some chips or nachos (or whatever you two like). Hungry? head into the kitchen, search the fridge for some ingredients, look up a simple recipe; and enjoy the fun of cooking food experience together. Whether it ends up good or bad, it'll be worthed cuz you made it together. Need some excercise after the munching, take a walk on the park, enjoy the summer breeze as it is summer now. Tired of planning dates and calculating for cash? play house once in a while - it helps.

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Re: what kind of pay-way you want?

Post by (101)soo0710 »

Well, if its your first date, then the guy usually gets all the tabs right? but in my case, i always offer to pay for either one, dinner or drinks. that's something normal for me and it is actually showing respect to the guy that asked you out on a date.
But there are times when a girl offers to pay then the guys somehow feels offended so in order to avoid that, we should check how the guy/girl actually is in character/ personality. Everyone is different. there are guys who are very giving and some who are not giving at all. vice versa.
I think that we should always give and take. then it will always be equal. :D

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Re: what kind of pay-way you want?

Post by (starbucks)Eun-jae Rhee »

I totally agree with '(starbucks)Tae-Hun, Gu'’s idea(trying to divide their cost equally looks too cold and calculating) and way of payment.
And one thing, couple's dating should be done under enough understanding of each other's financial circumstance

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Re: what kind of pay-way you want?

Post by A+bakyeoeul »

Going dutch but sometimes offering to pay might be considered.. You don't have to stick to just one.
About how many times to offer for date, pay when you'd like to. I'd expect no calculation on that when you are already going dutch most of the time.

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Re: what kind of pay-way you want?

Post by (101)Chojeonghwan »

In my opinion the man and woman should pay together.
Now days the weman's position and prestige in our soceity are same as man.
So they have the same right to pay for their own's.
I guess,In old times usually the guys had almost every economic decision.
That was the reason why the customs that man had responsibility to offer for weman.
In conclusion, as the time changes the custom also should be changed.

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Re: what kind of pay-way you want?

Post by sunsolmi »

I think the way to split the bill in every dating cost is unromantic. If a couple wants to do go dutch, a man could buy a dinner and a woman could buy some dessert. If you think it is unfair because dinner often costs a lot more than dessert, then they could change the role on their next date. Imagine that the dinner was about 50 dollars and a couple was paying 25 dollars for their own. It looks bad. Even in the case of friends, that doesn't look good. In conclusion, I think it should be fair in paying money for both men and women, of course, but splitting the bill on doing everything is not a good way.

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Re: what kind of pay-way you want?

Post by (Lost) Eui-Hyun Kim »

I won't mind paying for the first month or the second.
But even after that, if the woman won't offer to pay,
frankly speaking, I think I would reconsider dating her.
All people with the right mind should know that Only Men paying rituals are now overdue.
It is the era of equivalence. Money, jobs, religions etc, you name it.

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Re: what kind of pay-way you want?

Post by (Lost)Haein.Cho »

i think what you are saying is ideal.
i don't know how many people agree with this opinion, but most of my friends also think that's reasonable.

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Re: what kind of pay-way you want?

Post by Lost Kyoungsoo »

I think date costs should be paid by both, taking turns. I’m not trying to say dinner-dessert order or strict ‘you-me-you-me’ order. But rather, it is common sense that I want to emphasize in distributing date bills; if you think your boy/girlfriend paid so much last time, then you may pay for next two in a row. We don’t need to compare every penny to decide whose turn it is. With common sense and respect for the partner, we can share daily date costs properly without feeling awkward or sorry.

Well, if one is relatively much better-off than the other, then he/she may pay for big date costs. However, it should be thought as a 'gift' which we should appreciate, rather than take for granted.
I know that that kind of generous offerings tends to be considered as a token of love, a poof that one really do take one's partner seriously. And yes, we often do need that kind of proof to believe someone. But obviously, it really doesn't have to be shown in every single date occasion, isn't it?

I know mine is somewhat ideal opinion. But I strongly believe this is the very way couple can respect each other, and, their selves.

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Re: what kind of pay-way you want?

Post by (101)kunhwasong »

if you are too much worrid about paying bills at restaurants, eat at home or go to a picnic near the Han river. if you are worrid about the rise of costs in movie tickets, watch it at home. why would you have to worry about paying bills when there are many other ways to enjoy time together with your lover?

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