what kind of pay-way you want?

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Re: what kind of pay-way you want?

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I think it is right to take turns in paying for dates.
For me, if my boyfriend pays for the movie, i pay for the meal.
And if we do something that is much more expansive,
we split the bill and pay half price each.
Especially because we are both college students
and do not earn money,
I think it is fair to take turns in paying for dates.
Even though a boyfriend might stop you from paying
I think it is duty of a girlfriend to pay.
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Re: what kind of pay-way you want?

Post by Apple-GyeYeonCho »

I think dutch-paying is good, but it is hard to be realized in Korean society. Actually, I have a girlfriend, and I usually pay more when we date. It can be seen unnatural in other countries, but it is quiet uaual in Korea. I think dutch-paying is desirable, but boys paying more is not a that bad idea.
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Re: what kind of pay-way you want?

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i think that can be quite a mutually-satisfying solution. but even on your way, there is inequality. i prefer going Dutch accurately. i know going Dutch can be accepted when you are older or earning more than her. but if there isnt so much gap in age and wealth, i think dating should be based on going Dutch.
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Re: what kind of pay-way you want?

Post by woogayeon(sixzero7) »

Dinner by boy, and coffee and sweets by girl or movie tickets by boy, and popcorns and soda by girls. is most common paying way in korea.
But it is true dinner is more expensive than coffee or sweets and movie tickets are more expensive than popcorn and soda.
So sometimes, it is good women pay dinner or movie tickets. Then women and men can pay equally.
Then men would not feel any stress when he meet his girlfriend.
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