where do you go for dating?

Talk about dating, breaking up, getting married, etc. This is where you can talk about units 2 & 4 in Authentic English Readings for Advanced Students.
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where do you go for dating?

Post by apple-kimdongyoung »

There are many places for dating.
I recommend you zoo, aquarium and amusementpark.
First these places are commonly funny. there are many event and show.
sencond you don't have to worry about things for conversation. there are many interesting things for conversation
you could ask some question like "Do you like lion?" "Wow that fish really wonderful isn't it?"

How about you.
Do you know any other places for dating?
Tell me about your experience!

And what do you think about famous Korean dating course "밥먹고 영화보고 차마시고" or "차마시고 영화보고 밥먹고" ??
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Re: where do you go for dating?

Post by (starbucks)Tae-Hun, Gu »

Actually, I kind of like Korean monotonous dating course as I'm a big fan of movies. Although I do not drink coffee at all, going to cafe is not bad as well, as a couple can stay there for a few hours after ordering a cup of tea or coffee. When a couple don't have something special to talk about, they can just do their assignment, read book, etc. Going to the zoo or amusementpark a couple times a year would be nice, as always the same dating course can make them feel bored, or even sick and tired. Changes are always necessary.
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Re: where do you go for dating?

Post by (starbucks)Kuk Hye Ran »

I have ever been anywhere in seoul so I know very well date courses in especially seoul.
Do you know "Bukchon Hanok Village" located in Jongrogu?
If you go there, you can see various hanoks that people are really living in and feel korean grace.
There are bukchon 8 viwes where people can fully enjoy the beauty of hanoks and the alleys in the area.
Seoul has set up "photo spots" in all over the alleys, from which If you can take pictures in there, The pictures come out very well.
Bukchon is a place where walking is strongly recommended.
So why not have a look at Bukchon? You will certainly have a pleasant time while walking down the alleys of the Bukchon 8 views.
There are also many attractions around there such as 'ancient palaces' and "samcheong dong". Gyeongbokgung(palace)is located nearby.
If you want more sightseeing, visit there after going bukchon hanok village.
I recommend you a tasty restaurant nearby. If you get off "gyeongbokgung station" on subway line 3, exit gate 2 and turn left at the GS25,
you can find "Tosokchon"(토속촌), which is famous for samgyetang.
I have ever eaten in there. It was very delicious and especially Kkakdugi.
If you have a chance, try it!
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Re: where do you go for dating?

Post by (Starbucks)Cho Yoon Jeong »

Personally, I like talking and having deep talks with people for it's the best way to figure out about each other more closely. It applies the same when it comes to couple. I believe having much talks to understand each other is the best way to keep happy relationship. So, I recommand going to 'Insadong' for a cup of traditional tea with boyfriend/girlfriend. Insadong has a lot of relaxing and comforting traditional tea rooms. The mood is very unique; very Korean-like. Also, the traditional tea is very tasty. With great mood and great tea, great talks can come and go.
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Re: where do you go for dating?

Post by (sixzero7)JungKarim »

I think 'Deahak-ro' is decent place to date with boyfriend.
A special thing in 'Daehak-ro' is that there are lots of little theater,where we could see some interesting artistic performace instead of bar.
So 'Daehak-ro' is much healthier than other places I think.
Also, Daehak-ro has Korean traditional views such as Hanok,which is Korean traditinal houses,and parks as well.
When you want to feel something healthier and want to escape from cliche date course, I would recommend 'Daehak-ro'.
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Re: where do you go for dating?

Post by (starbucks)Eun-jae Rhee »

As I have no experience of dating with guy, so I will write the place where I want to go with man. :D
Few days ago, I went to 'Kyunghee university(aka Kyunghee land)' with my friend. The campus was beautiful because they had a lot of plants in their large campus. Naturally there was many couples. As I see them, I felt I want to date in here. Youth energy was flowing in campus, and fresh air came from plants made us feel happy. And most importantly, it is near here! It only takes 10 minutes to go.
And I heard Seoul-Forest is also a good place to go picnic! It is huge, so there are lots of things to see! I really want to go there :P
So I recommend <Kyunghee university> and <Seoul Forest>.
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Re: where do you go for dating?

Post by (101)sohnjinjoo »

I have discussed this topic in my class and majority said if you are in love, anyplace you are going with your love can be a great dating place.
Like our HUFS campus, it just finished construction last year.
It's not THAT big but it became beautiful.
If I have to recommend one place for dating, I would recommend Namsan tower nearby myeongdong.
Many couples visit there and buys love lock and lock it on the fence, hoping their love lasts forever.
Watching movie is another good option, after watching a movie, you have something in common to discuss.
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Re: where do you go for dating?

Post by (sixzero7)choiminji »

I have no date experiences. Although I don't know exactly where is the best place for couples to spend time, I imagined it.
First of all, going to the Hangang and getting aboard a cruise are what i have imagined.
At evening, when the cool breeze is blowing, it would romantic to walk around the river and see the Hangang night view as getting the cruise ship.
It would much better to have earnest conversations with boyfriend.
Going to enjoy the cultural life of leisure together is the second.
Such as seeing the musical or going to see a baseball game, it would wonderful to share the bond of sympathy as enjoying cultural life and knowing each other more carefully.
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Re: where do you go for dating?

Post by (101)Leeyerang »

There are many fun places to date in Seoul. For example, I liked going to kyungbokgung with my boyfriend. The weather was really good and it was fun walking around. Also I think Hongdae is very interesting there are many interesting cafe's and it is also fun looking at the fashion of people. However, I think that If you go with your boyfriend or girlfriend, anywhere can be fun to go.
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Re: where do you go for dating?

Post by Sun-HyoJin-Hong »

I think the course "밥먹고 영화보고 차마시고" (Eat Watch a movie and Have some coffee) is the best thing to do on dates. Because when you meet with your boyfriend sometimes is hard to decide what to do after having dinner or something. Since I like to talk after eating is good to go for some coffee. And also go to watch a movie is good, too if want something entertaining - instead of watching movie there are other entertainment such as theaters, musicals, or shows.
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Re: where do you go for dating?

Post by (Lost)Haein.Cho »

having dinner and drinking tee or coffee is very common course of dating...lol
but if a couple has same hobby they can enjoy that together.
for example if they like playing sports they can play together and if they like watching baseball game they can go sports arena together.

Watching movie together or going to park or some beautiful places is also good for couples.
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Re: where do you go for dating?

Post by LOSTinsoo »

I used to enjoy taking a walk together in a park and then have a lunch or dinner at a humble restaurant. Watching movies was the biggest amusement other than having a conversation. It might sound a little boring, but as long as your girlfriend or boyfriend is a nice person to talk to, and so are you, then it isn't so bad. Actually, it is rather relaxing and refreshing.
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Re: where do you go for dating?

Post by (Lost)Ju »

I'd like to recommend you to go to the room cafe.

It's one of the favorite places for dating these days with some reasons.

Firstly, this is not the open space, so just you and your boyfriend or girlfriend can have a fancy time without any others' eyes.

Also, since it is "room", you can lay down and relax doing such as watching TV with your lover!(actually it's very hard to find those places, right?)

Finally, you can stay there as much as you want if the cafe is not so busy.

So, how about that?
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Re: where do you go for dating?

Post by Lost_Jueun Jeong »

How about going to gym together and playing sports with a girlfriend or boyfriend ?
I think it is a good idea for someone who are already sick of dating in coffee shop or just watching movies.
For girls, (because i am a girl) i think we can learn how to play some other sports that we are not usually playing by our boyfriend.
And for guys, it would be good chance to show how "your"man are playing sports well ! lol
and i think it is also good for other couples who aren't interested in playing sports because by playing together, we can both concentrate more to each other
than just watching movie or eating in family restaurant.. and it will be more interesting by helping and playing together.
So, what i think is.. how about snowboarding together in winter time or swimming in the summer instead of boring dating?
or we can just go to the college gym together if it is too costly or hard to make ^^
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Re: where do you go for dating?

Post by (Aplus)kimyongsun »

I personally like to calmly have some conversations with people and go to a silent place like a park. However, in Seoul, there are few places which are silent. Therefore, I want to recommend you to go to the Seoul Forest nearby Han River.In Seoul Forest, there are many people on the weekend, but I can rest and have some conversations with people. Also, there are many interesting thing, so I can keep talking with people, because there are many plants,animals and festivals. Therefore, if you want to go on a date, it might be exciting to go to Seoul Forest.
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