where do you go for dating?

Talk about dating, breaking up, getting married, etc. This is where you can talk about units 2 & 4 in Authentic English Readings for Advanced Students.
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Re: where do you go for dating?

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well, i wanna recommend dating place. that is Han river at night. that is wonderful place i think. drinking with chicken is wonderful. furthermore we can talk a lot of things. so i wanna recommend that place. and 밥먹고 영화먹고 차먹고 cousre is so boring i think.
you know that is so normal course. so we need to find a new place where we can make unforgetable memory.

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Re: where do you go for dating?

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Sadly, I have NO experience.

But if I am lucky enough to be in a relationship so that get a fantastic chance to think over where to go with him,
I am going to choose an amusement park with no hesitation.

There are no valid reason. An amusement park is just one symbol of romantic dating to me....

My dream place.....T_T...

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Re: where do you go for dating?

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I think it is good to go amusement park at the first dating.
Becasue amusement park's mood is very exciting, so you guys feel less awkward feeling.
But you have to make sure that she or he likes to ride kind of roller coster thing.
And you mention about korea's famouse date course. "영화보고 밥먹고 차마시고" Well, I don't think this is a good date course when two people are awkward.
Because of watching movie. In my opinionm watching movie is not good way to get to know each other. Cause when we what a movie we just what screen without any words. So I if your couple already know about each other and do not feel any awkward feeling then, you can do famouse date course, but if you are not I will not recommend that.

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