Does your boy firend walk you home?

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Does your boy firend walk you home?

Post by lab102-ParkEunra »

Actually I'm not sure the expression of "walking her home" ( I meant "데려다 주기") :D
Anyway, Does your boy friend walk you home? or Do you walk your girlfriend to her house?
How often and why?
In my case, I wanted to have some more time to be together and it made me feel protected by him.
But sometimes he missed his bus and hard to get back home and it made him tired. So he came to think it is tiring.
But I thought he didn't care about my security so I got disappointed.

What do you guys think about this walking her home?

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Re: Does your boy firend walk you home?

Post by (lab102)jounghwanpark »

I personally think that it's basic good manners for a man to walk his girlfriend home. There are many reasons for a man to walk his girlfriend home and I think the guys that are reading this would know for themselves. However, if getting back home for the man becomes a problem due to the distance between his and his girlfriend's home, then I think the man should take her as further as he can for him to be able to get back home himself. I believe the man would quite frustrated if his girlfriend felt disappointed at him just because he didn't walk her home even though it was impossible for him to get back home afterwards.

P.S. With all the crimes that have been going on recently, I think it would be in the best interests of most men to walk their girlfriends home for safety reasons. Lol.

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Re: Does your boy firend walk you home?

Post by (lab102)kimdoojin »

In my opinion, walking girlfriend home is very good manner for dating, which makes the girl feel comfortable and trust her boyfriend. In particular the recent cruel crimes make it more important virtue for dating. However, it is not an easy behavior to walk his girlfriend home, if she lives far from his place. He would be surely happy when he goes together with his girlfriend to her place. But after she entered her house he should return home alone. How miserable it is! I think woman should also give their consideration to man as he does. Love is a mutual consideration, not an one-sided one. In my opinion woman can and must understand his boyfriend although he sometimes does not walk her home.(But if he never walk you home, seperate from him!)

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Re: Does your boy firend walk you home?

Post by (starbucks)Kuk Hye Ran »

In my case, my boy friend always walked me home for last 4 years, yet somtimes he told me that he was very tired after walking me home.
As you mention, I was also disappointed but on second thoughts, that I always expected my boy friend to walk me home seemed selfish
so I could understand his mind.
If I were in his position, I would also feel very tired and worry about spending transportation costs double.
He sometimes walks me home now after dating. Instead of doing it, he always calls me to make me feel less fearful of walking a dark alley
when I go home.
Therefore, It is important to understand each other's position and compromise.

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Re: Does your boy firend walk you home?

Post by (Starbucks)Cho Yoon Jeong »

I think walking their girlfriends home is a natural thing in today's society. It doesn't mean that boyfriends have to be girlfriends' servant or something.
It's just that today, lots of crimes are happening, and those are increasing in huge numbers. Most of the crimes, unfortunately, are targetted at women.
Because of this, every women including myself feel scare when we go out in the dark by ourselves.
However, when we have boyfriends we love and trust to take us home, we would feel safety for sure. So walking their girlfriends home is needed also because they can spend more time together, but mostly because women are exposed to danger when we are out in the dark by ourselves.

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Re: Does your boy firend walk you home?

Post by (lab102)jeonyoujeong »

I think 'boyfriend' has not only mind of caring about his girlfriend but also has his own life and time. Of course, girls are easily lied in dangerous situation, because world around us is so dangerous, nowadays. However, when she had no boyfriend, she might be able to go home by herself. That means, despite dangerous situation, many girls are carfully going their home alone.
Those was the respect of the realistic fact, but I think your point is "boyfriend's mind', that is about whether he cares or not cares about his girlfriend. In that point, I will suggest something. Most of all, it is the important thing. Boys must not do '데려다주기' for his girlfriend at the first time they met. I think the problem, the girl feels some disappointment lately, is aroused by 'change' of his boyfriend, not just because he does not walk with her home. So, I think '데려다주기' should be done when in special time, such as when it is very late, so the time is even passing midnight, and girlfriend's condition is so bad that she can't keep herself like most other time, and the boy's situation, when he could go back his own life without any problem.
Boys, should not do something for his girlfriend, that he can't continue forever. :|

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Re: Does your boy firend walk you home?

Post by (apple)Nam Jeonggeun »

Of course, I think that it is basic manners to walk his girlfriend home. Especially in Korea which is very hazardous country to go by night (in these days, of course, daytime also) alone.
By so doing, not only does man not need to worry about her returning home, but woman can feel glad to think that she is being protected. But most of all,the couple can be together more longer by escorting her home.
So there are no guy in the world who doesn't want to take her home if he really loves his girl. But, it makes sense only when the couples don't live far away too much from each other. Otherwise, it possibly can be a burden to man if it's practiced every day. So at such situations, I think woman should understand physical limitations.

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Re: Does your boy firend walk you home?

Post by (Aplus)kimyongsun »

Most people think that a man should be more powerful and sacrifice himself for his girlfriend's security. I also agree with this thought, but I don't think that this is the man's duty, because if the man always do this kind of action, he will lose his own time to invest in his future and private life.I don't want my boyfriend to sacrifice his own time for me. The woman who does not have a boyfriend,like me :<, has ability to protect herself from the dangerous situation. Therefore, I think it is more reasonable for the man not to send his girlfriend to home.

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Re: Does your boy firend walk you home?

Post by (sixzero7)JungKarim »

Traditionally in Korea, congnition that men should send a girlfriend home is very strong.
This is because men usaually concern his girlfriend's safety and, maybe man usually want to girlfriend with affection.
In my opinion, of course, it is not man's duty to send with a girlfriend.
However, it is good method to deepen relationship. Considering it is usually night time, those people could talk each other about something profound things.
Also, we cannot ignore effects of skinship that makes each other lovelier.
So I prefer to man walk to girlfriend's home rather than just go home separately as long as it is possible.

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Re: Does your boy firend walk you home?

Post by (lab102)LeeJunmi »

haha 언니 it's fun to see your post and i like your question as well. From my point of view, when i think of my boyfriend walks me home, that's just sweet. but like a year ago, i didn't like the sound of it because i was somewhat logical? haha. so whenever my ex-boyfriend asked me that he was willing to walk me home and then i just said "well you don't need to. because it's already dark and we both are tired enough". and i was wondering why he wanted to offer me, maybe i didn't understand at that time cause i was younger than now. but as time goes by, here i am and what i'm thinking is, it would be really sweet that if he asked like that. i could feel that i'm under protection. Not all the time, just few would be nice enough. Clearly, i don't think it's not boyfriend's duty. that's for sure. then maybe the boy and the girl can talk about it openly and then they can compromise to some point. for example, on a speical day like some milestone day or holiday, boyfriend can walk his girl home.

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Re: Does your boy firend walk you home?

Post by (starbucks)Han Hye Kyung »

I think it would be better for a boyfriend to walk his girlfriend home. This is obviously different from the issue who to pay for the dating course. As this society is getting harsher and harsher for young women to walk alone at night, it would be better for a man escourting her girl. This is not about the money, but one's safety. Of course, it would be sometimes tiresome for men to escourt girlfriend all the way to her house, it would be easier for them to accept this when they think about thier girlfriends' safety.

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Re: Does your boy firend walk you home?

Post by LOSTminjukim09 »

I want my bf to walk me home. Since we date most of time around his place, i am the one who has to "commute" every time. He would walk me to bus stations all the time but he didnt at some point. And i complained about it and blamed hime for not coming to my place/area often. After that he even walks to my front door.
But i dont think men should or I take it granted. He is just being nice and I am asking him for that but I dont necessrally thinj its something boys should do.

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Re: Does your boy firend walk you home?

Post by LostKimdongwook »

I used to walk my girl friend home everyday. It bought us some more time to be together and I like the long walks with holding hands with her, but sometimes when I'm tired I would just walk her to the subway station. Later I found out that she was disappointed when I did not walk her home, but while listening what she says, I was disappointed too. I think walking girl friends home is a good manner for a man to do in a relationship, it makes the girls feel safe. but i don't think girls should be disappointed just because his boyfriend suddenly one day decides it too tiring. I think most girls take this for granted like when men pay for their dinner, paying for dinner is what usually men do for his girlfriend but it is not what men "have" to do. I think it is the same for walking girls home too. I think girls should show some gratitude and thank him for what he has already done for you.

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