Who should pay for dating expenses?

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102 Jun Kyoung Ah
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Who should pay for dating expenses?

Post by 102 Jun Kyoung Ah »

In Korea, we can often see that man always pay more for their dating expenses than their girl friends. Many guys took the high portion of their expenses, and ladys spent their money not very much. And some of the girls just took in the fact as a matter of course and said that if boys really love her, then he will pay for her with pleasure. They think this issue is related with his affection to her.

But I'm really wondering the boys' thought.
If he seriously loves her, Doesn't he want to meet her more often?
For their meeting, money could be the problem for man cause they could feel this as a burden.

In this point I have a question to guys.

Which is better?

When you spent all your money,

First, Just meeting your girl friend (she is "much" younger than you) and let her pay for dating expenses even masculine pride falls?

Or second, Never meeting your girl until you earn some money?

I seriously wondering about this.
Let's talk about this together.

(apple) jung hyun chae
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Re: Who should pay for dating expenses?

Post by (apple) jung hyun chae »

I'm not a man, but do you think that masuline pride actually falls when woman pay for date?
And you wrote that 'when man spent all money', but it doesn't mean man will not make money for a long time. He can make
money while his girlfriend pays for date, and after that he can pay for date again.
Of course, money is important matter in dating, but I don't think it is that serious to make man stop meeting girlfriend until he earns money.

(Starbucks)Seungjae Lee
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Re: Who should pay for dating expenses?

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Well I don't think men paying all expense is not a pride falling.
I think it is proper to pay equally together. More and more women think it is right, too.
Frankly, why do men have to pay all the money? It might be kind of wrong sex role.
I think it must be corrected.

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Re: Who should pay for dating expenses?

Post by (lab102)jounghwanpark »

I believe that money shouldn't become an issue that would actually affect the relationship in that it makes men feel that he's less of a man, or women think that they're not being cared enough by their partners. If the man happened to pay for the meal, then I think his partner could pay for coffee, movies, or other dating expenses. I don't think there should be any set criteria in terms of paying for dating expenses because, although money could be a sensitive issue in relationships, it's not something to be considered too seriously as there are more important things in relationships.

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Re: Who should pay for dating expenses?

Post by (lab102)InesJarqueWarnotte »

Actuall,y I don't like when my boyfriend pays for everything, it bother me. I feel it is not fair if I let him pay for everything. I know that if he pays for almost everything it makes me feel like he cares a lot about me, but I prefer to also pay and not always let him pay. I think in a relationship it's important to share everything and so, the expenses of the dates should also be shared. It actually makes me happy when I am the one paying, because I feel like I am not leaving all the burden to him.

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Re: Who should pay for dating expenses?

Post by (apple)phamchiduc »

Well as the relationship develops and comes to a certain point, a girlfriend will eventually know about her boyfriend's financial status.

A. If I'm seeing a girl who is much younger than I am, ( wait, how do you define 'much younger'? as in pre-mature? - then no, i wouldn't see her, but...) if she's young and she's concerned about the fact that I'm paying because I enjoy having her around, I have a good time with her, by my side. Then I'd gladly pay, not to show off my male masculinity, but to let her know that she's my girlfriend - and i love her.

B. If I'm broke, If I see someone i like i'd still ask her out. Ofcourse i'd get to know her first, before going any further into sucking my wallet dry. And if it works out, i like her and she likes me back, I'll get a job - or make it up to the relationship by doing other sentimental value stuff for her. Dating isn't all about money. At least not until you're married in which case you have to balance it out =)

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Re: Who should pay for dating expenses?

Post by Sun-ChanghoonShin »

I first agree with your idea that man usually spends more money than woman on dating.
But, I don't agree with your idea that woman paying for dating expenses makes man's pride fall.
To answer your question, I would prefer meeting my girlfriend even though I spent all my money.
Although money is an important factor in dating, it shouldn't be an obstacle from meeting your girlfriend.
Also, these days it's not the man who pays all the money for dating.
Therefore, when one is out of money the other could help him/her out.
Anyway, the most important thing is having a good time together.

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Re: Who should pay for dating expenses?

Post by (starbucks)joungyoonchoi »

Okay so first of all, I don't think dates need to be stuff that requires money. Couples can meet up and go to the park or the library etc. Anyways, back to your questions, I dont think masculine pride falls when a guy lets the girl pay. For the girl, it is a way of expressing affection. Guys should understand that. To your second question, guys shouldnt be under pressure to pay for all dates. Furthermore, if the girl requires the guy to pay for all dates, then the guy should seriously think about whether the girl really cares for him or not.

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