Should a woman offer to pay?(Waiting for Price Charming!!)

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Should a woman offer to pay?(Waiting for Price Charming!!)

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I think most women dream of meeting a Prince Charming. He should be handsome and rich. It is certain that nowadays, many young couples pay on dates together or in turn and they feel that it’s fair and reasonable. So, perhaps, it seems to be outdated if I insist that men should pay for all on every single date. However, why do I still have an impression that a man paying on dates looks gorgeous? Perhaps, it may result from the fantasy of a Prince Charming. Likewise, most men hope their girlfriend is beautiful. Therefore, it might be fair for women-some old-fashioned women like me hope their boyfriend is rich. So, here is my question for you. Who would you like to choose for your boyfriend or girlfriend? For female students, do you like men who are kind but poor or those who are rich but somewhat bad. For male students, do you like women who are sweet-tempered but ugly or those who are beautiful but a little picky?
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Re: Should a woman offer to pay?(Waiting for Price Charming!

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It is very interesting post. I think the reasons why people, especially men, pay for all things are different according to case by case. Like this post, men pay for everything because the partner looks more beautiful is reasonable enough. In my case, I'm happy that I do some things for my girlfriend. Well, anyway, there is also a reason that many people think that men pay most things become like a custom.
Also, the last question is very interesting, but I think it is too an extream examples to choose.
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