Who would manage family budget, wife or husband?

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Who would manage family budget, wife or husband?

Post by (sixzero7)JungKarim »

Who would manage family budget, wife or husband?
In Korea, mainly wives are managing family budget.
Recently,however,couples manage their own salary respectively, because it is hard to decide who is going to manage, and entail sensitive problems.
Which is the best method to resolute this situation?

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Re: Who would manage family budget, wife or husband?

Post by (apple)phamchiduc »

You see people getting a prenuptial agreement before they get married - which is pretty much a safe way to protect your property and money ( just in case the marriage goes up in flames). But it doesn't mean that they KNOW - or THINK that the marriage will end up in divorce. Just a safe bet, to protect each spouse from the other's debts; to provide for children from previous marriages; also to keep current finances separate; and To keep specific property with acquiring to-be-spouse. You really don't want that because it's all messed up legal issues. So to sum up, I think that you should still have your own property and money protected when married, and just every month the two should just share an amount of their paychecks(or all of it) to manage the family budget. Sounds fine, why do it alone when you can do it together.

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Re: Who would manage family budget, wife or husband?

Post by parkboin »

I agree with above opinion -

we need to saparate the property before marriage from the property after marriage. In case of former, couple(spouses) needs to be acknowledged in their career and endeavor to make money or property they have before marriage. Unless they are acknowledged, the property before marriage loses its meaning,value. so in extreme, some might think marriage can flip their economic status, once they are married to the wealthy. It will surely also do harm on marriage life.
In case of latter, it has to be considered including couple(both spouses). I think because even thoough husband makes a living for a family by himself, wife can do house chores and other things too. so I think what husbands do is eaully valuable to what wives do.
SO I don't care who the stakeholder or manager in family finance( of course it will be better to get this with whom has a knack) in case both spouses' effort is equally regarded after marriage. It will estimate woman's share in family more correctly, it also lessons the discord between spouses

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Re: Who would manage family budget, wife or husband?

Post by (sixzero7)choiminji »

Managing the family budget is sensitive problem between couples.
Even if just one thing goes wrong, it triggers big conflicts.
If the personality of husbands and wives is preferring the individualism, it would better to manage the each budget separately.
However, it can cause the indifference of each other property.
In my opinion, it is the good way that they make the bankbook by together.
Managing two-thirds of their each income by their joint naming bankbook and managing a third of each separately are good way.
It would be better to manage some part together, some part separately.

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Re: Who would manage family budget, wife or husband?

Post by (Aplus)LeeMinHyung »

In Korean culture, wives have long been considered to manage the whole process of family budget. That's because women are generally more careful and meticulous in doing something. For this reason, Korean mothers had taken care of everything about money.

Thesedays, however, more and more men are learning how to keep or invest their incomes. After those men get married, there would inevitably arise some arguments about who should manage it. Today we should not let women manage the whole income of her husbands. There's no reason for men to lay his responsibility, managing what he earns by himself, onto women. Women also do not have to bear the burden to keep her husbands income in good condition. It will help both of them, but conversations about this matter should be preceded before their marriage.

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Re: Who would manage family budget, wife or husband?

Post by (Aplus)bertrandcolas »

In my opinion, it depends on the personality and character of the wife and the husband. Spending habits and lifestyle also has to be taken into consideration. I believe managing the family budget has to be a collaborative effort between the wife and the husband even if there is only one breadwinner in the family. Afterall, both the wife and the husband will be making expenditures from this family budget.
However, in another situation whereby the couple is engaged and has yet to be officially married, they can perhaps take turns in trying to manage the family budget, they have time to work out the best approach for the couple before getting married.

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Re: Who would manage family budget, wife or husband?

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In my opinion, one who is less impulsive should manage budget.
As it has been mainly women who are more calm and easy to control emotion, we have seen many wives manage family budget. That's all. It is just matter of personality or nature. I do not care gender. Just it is OK if one who will charge money is capable of managing it. But if they live together, I think it is right to manage ALL the assets of each other. Because what lives together means bearing all the expenses together. And if they manage each other's assets together, they can prevent useless expenditure.

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Re: Who would manage family budget, wife or husband?

Post by (sixzero7)HamSuMin »

Who would manage family budget is a big issue to many couples when they marrige. It's a sensetive problem and could make a big conflict if they would not agree with the opinion of each other. In addition, most korean couples have to support their parents or relatives and sometimes this problem could make them divorce when it becomes too intensive burden for couples. In my opinoin, family budget should be managed together by couple and it's not a good way to manage it seperately. As it is managed by couples, how much money were spent for whom or what could exactly be confirmed and it would not make any conflicts as they do like this.

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Re: Who would manage family budget, wife or husband?

Post by (apple) jung hyun chae »

In Korea, women managed family budget traditionally. There was a kind of fixed role between married couple that men earn money outside, and women manage it inside the home. Men were considered too busy and tired to care the budget matter in home where they only wanted to have some rest, or have good time with family before work, not dealing with complicated thing like budget. And women were considered to be a wise wife who managaes family budget well for their present finanical state, and their future after retirement of men. So women were easily blamed for when they have a trouble with money matters.
But these days, many couples, especially young one, manage family budget toghether. and I think it's desirable than the former one I explained. They should work on it together and take responsibility evenly, because they are married to live together not by each of them. Also they can avoid arguing with each other about who's the one deserves the blame for a trouble.

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Re: Who would manage family budget, wife or husband?

Post by (A plus) Lee hansol »

It seems not efficient that couples manage their own salary respectively.
There must be some money for the whole family like charge for kids' education, utility bills and so on. It can't be payed by one side of a couple.
So I think wife or husband should manage whole family budget.
And I think sex wouldn't be matter to manage the money, so anyone who much care about money, wife or husband, should manage family budget.

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Re: Who would manage family budget, wife or husband?

Post by (starbucks)Hong ji eun »

i think that managing their own salary respectively is not a good ieal. because marriage menas that man and woman become a family.
and i think that wife have to manage thier money. especially women have a good skill in that investment techniques. because they can get lots of information by friends.so i think that wife have to manage thier money with responsibility. and managing their own salary respectivey can be caused individualism between wife and husband. so that is not a good ideal i think.

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Re: Who would manage family budget, wife or husband?

Post by woogayeon(sixzero7) »

Well, I think the best mothod to resolute this situation is two people do it together. In this society almost every couple earn salary together. So both have right to participate in managing family budget.

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Re: Who would manage family budget, wife or husband?

Post by marcela.barincova »

well it is very difficult to say, but in family there is always one leader, someone who presents the ideas and plans for the future. I would say that you can apply Darwin, stronger is winner.
Once there is family and clearly stated who the head of family is then this person should be managing the family money, however, I am not saying that all money, everybody should have right to spend the little money on their own purposes. if you know what I mean

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