Do you know when people register their marriage ?

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Do you know when people register their marriage ?

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Do you know when people usually register their marriage ? (혼인신고)

In Korea, we think that people generally register their marriage to a district office after the wedding ceremony.
But, did you know that Japanese people register their marriage before the wedding celebration ?

First of all, almost all of Koreans tend to put more importance in their wedding cerebration.
So we believe that a couple becomes real husband and wife after the ceremony.
Second, divorced people are looked in a negative way in our Korean culture. Because they are afraid of having a divorce record, some people sometimes wait to register the marriage in case something happened in the beginning of their marriage.
For example, many celebrity couples have postponed their registration due to their fear of having a legal record of divorce.
For me it’s kind of ridiculous.But it's kind of true these days.

Instead, Japanese people traditionally register their marriage before the ceremony.
It’s usually because they believe it’s much more convenient to prepare their wedding process.
For example, it is much easier to buy a house and sign a contract for something before the wedding.

I have a funny story about it. Chu sung-hoon, famous Korean Japanese fighter on UFC and K-1, got married to Japanese model 3 years ago.
Following the Japanese culture, he registered his marriage before the wedding ceremony.
When Chu sung-hoon held a press conference announcing his wedding in Korea, Korean news reporters asked why his wedding ceremony was so delayed even though he didn’t delay it at all.
Little did the people know that it was a simple cultural difference.
He had to explain the cultural difference between both countries to the reporter.

What do you think about it?
Which way would be better to you when you get married ?

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