Rules when you have a blind date

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Rules when you have a blind date

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When you get in to a college, most of you guys may get an opportunity to have a blind date.
It's kind of privilege for freshmen because actually, when you become sophomore, chances become fewer or never T_T.
However, I think there's some rules for the blind date, and we should keep these whether you likes him(or her) or not because these are minimum etiquettes for the other person.

First, do not late for the date. Most people think that (my friends think like this too) especially woman can late, or woman should late about 10~30 minutes. But this is really bad idea. Dating time is the first appointment between the two.
If you are late, he or she will take your first impression very bad.

Second, even though you don't like the person, don't be cold and do not stare fixedly on Kacao talk.
If you don't have any heart to the other person, you should show some manner to the person who is with you at that time.

Lastly, you should pay somehow. If the other person want to treat you, it doesn't matter. But if not, and in most cases,
two people should equally. Or if one buy dinner and the other can buy dessert.

Usually, after the blind date, the possibility of two people having second meeting is extremely low.
But regardless of that part, you should have some manner!

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