Men and Women why do they communicate differently

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Men and Women why do they communicate differently

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Did you saw the Korean movie Architecture 101? I think this is a very well made movie about how man and woman are different in communication. In the movie there is a scene where the two main characters Seo-Yeon and Sung-min goes on a date near a railroad. In that scene Seo-Yeon says “when I become an announcer I might marry a rich man, if I do I will build a house near here, you’re going to build it for me for free right?”

This is interpreted differently between man and women. Most man interprets this sentence very negatively, to men the part “I might marry a rich man” is interpreted as “I’m not going to marry a poor guy like you!” so consequently so to men Seo-Yeon is saying that we don’t have any future.
But women interpret this sentence totally different. They say that what Seo-Yeon meant is that “Sung-min you are going to be an architect who is famous and wealthy enough to marry an anchor like me and because we are married you will build a house for me for free.”

Men communicates straight forward but women tend to hide what they really want to say. So in this case Sung-min didn’t notice the true meaning that was underneath the words. I think the reason why men and women communicate differently is because of the brain of men and women have evolved different.
Human has walked the earth for more than 65000 years but the first civilization was in BC3000 so we can say that we were civilized only for 5000 years. For almost 60000 years man and women lived in the wild and in that 60000years men and women evolved differently because they had different jobs, man who is in charge of the family had to go hunting for animals, and women will stay home gather fruits.

Men were always in danger they were always on the prowl had no time to communicate with double meanings their brain developed to make fast decisions and to think rationally. They shouldn’t hide their real thoughts because if they make a mistake in communication all of them might be in danger. In order to survive they had to speak it straight and their purpose of talking was mostly gather information, so men mostly don’t find any reason if there is no new information.
But women on the other hand were not in danger. Most women went out to pick berries in groups it was safe enough to talk freely with each other and that of course they had more time to speak than men, they might have had too much time and evolved their brain to make women to enjoy the talking itself so women don’t care even though they are talking about the same thing over and over.

But that's just my theory what do you guys think?
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