Korean traditional wedding culture.

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Korean traditional wedding culture.

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our nation, Korea has its own traditional style of wedding, which is rarely followed in this modern era. Of course, Korea used to be called so many different names. It was not a one nation. Its origin starts from Old Chosun period. then, some nations like Buyeo, Goguryeo, Okjeo, Dongye, Samhan came up on and then the three kingdoms Goguryeo, BakJae, Shilla prevailed Hanbando Territory. After than, those nations become one nation (the united Shillla), then the nation became Goryeo, and it got reformed into Chosun dynasty.
Throughout this long period of history, Korea has developed it own way of wedding style. However, as the nation, Korea, got exposed to several other neighboring countries' cultures like China, Monggol(used to exist in 14C), Japan, new kind of mixed culture got created. we can find some common characteristics that other neighboring countries have as well because Asian countries couldn't help but giving a variety of influences to another through diplomatic and economic interactions.

I think the influences could explain why our traditional wedding ceremony is very very complicated compared to the occidental way of wedding ceremony. too much formality is put on importance. but I'm not saying this traditional wedding is bad. but I think as time goes by, the way of life sometimes needs to change along with this modern life fashion. and We, people, are those who can lead and guide the direction for the sound and good change.

what do you guys have in mind, when it comes to the concept of Wedding?

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Re: Korean traditional wedding culture.

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Mr.Kim talked about the old days' wedding so I want to talk about these days' wedding. If Korea wedding of the old days was influenced by marginal states, I think these days' Korea wedding got lots of influences by the West such as America, Europe and so on. Recently, lots of couples take the western style wedding, so the bride wear white dress and long wedding veil and the groom wear a black suit. However, still we are preserving the traditional wedding by adopting both Korea and the West's styles. In other words, at the first part of the wedding, couples do wedding ceremony with the West style and after the ceremony bride and groom wear Korean traditional clothes '한복' and then do some parts of the traditional wedding what we call '폐백'.
I think this mixed wedding is the best. Of course, preserving tradition is important but having exclusive mind against the other countries is not good so if there are things too learn we have to learn from others and transform them to Korean style.

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Re: Korean traditional wedding culture.

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I think other European or American influence on our own wedding ceremony stye could be acceptable at this time around when globalization is going on but sometimes it dawns to me that globalization brings out some bad effects on cultures like cultural emperialism. I think cultural interaction might be the first step leading to cultural emperialism so we have to be very careful about accepting "not our own culture". We have to be aware of how to make a new culture acceptable, not changing the original nature of our own culture, so as to prevent the cultural emperialism.

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Re: Korean traditional wedding culture.

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Yeoungseok talked about cultural emperialism. I think in wedding ceremony we are already familiar with Western style wedding. So I think we dont need to worry about it in this field.
Also I think just western style wedding is more suitable for us. It is hard to find a suitable place to do the tradtional wedding. And also mixed wedding needs more money by renting a special clothes and place. Also I think it is more simple and shorter. Visitors prefer short one. And reception is a good chance to enjoy the ceremony by meeting people and eating something.( I don't know there is a reception in the traditional wedding.) In my opinion it doesn't need to be fancy, complicated, and formal.

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Re: Korean traditional wedding culture.

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An interesting point from (106)Yeongseok Kim.
I never knew that Korea would have such a complicated history with marriage ceremonies.

When I look at marriages, marriages don't really need that much formality, style or tradition.

After being a guest to a couple of wedding ceremonies,
I disagree to formal wedding ceremonies whether it be Korean, American, or any style.
Sure, if they want to do it formally, then they should.

But what about the couples who don't really care about ceremonies?

From inviting guests, to setting a location - everything looks like a hell of a job,
and I even see couples in Korea being forced to go through ceremonies they don't want because of their parents/relatvies.

Couples who are planning to get married, should have a choice -
if they want to simplify the procedure, then they should be free to do so.

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Re: Korean traditional wedding culture.

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I also believe simplifying the procedure of wedding is necessary.
I think marriage means two people inform their acquaintance of their cohesion and after achieve recognition, receive congratulations.
But these days korean wedding gives an impression of being too bound by formalities.
Moreover, it is too expensive to routine wedding ceremony.(The entrance of groom, and bride, and after the officiant's messange, photo,etc.)
Because it is april now, i often attend to the wedding, and in a wedding hall I wonder what the real purpose of wedding is.
It seems for the sake of display, no more than that.
Maybe it is better the wedding chages to take the time to become intimate, become a member of a family.
Because, the Korea of today is very busy and people normally do not have enough chance to know the future new member sufficiently.

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Re: Korean traditional wedding culture.

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I find it too complicated and heavy with the Korean traditional wedding. There are some customs including the preparation for each bride and broom-who should buy the house, where to hold the wedding, how much money is needed, who is going to pay this and that, and etc. It is being a big pressure not only for the bride and broom but also their parents and family. All the relatives involve in the wedding and this makes the situation more complicated and worse. I am very reluctant to this culture and wish the free-marriage culture to be brought in Korea. Like everone knows, LasVegas has an interesting wedding culture. Besides, there are some impressive ceremonies that I found out about-a naked wedding which all the guests also should be like others, an under-the-sea wedding, and a wedding that is held in the middle of the sky-diving. These are some extreme cases, but I'm not hoping that much. Just a little of change would gradually make a difference and later, it would be well accepted to Koreans.

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Re: Korean traditional wedding culture.

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I agree with Sanggyun`s thought. Today we do wedding ceremony in western style. And this western style is suitable for us. In these days, since Korean traditional wedding ceremony is very very complicated and not suitable for us i think, Koreans are apt to be familiar with western style wedding ceremony. In case of Korean traditional wedding ceremony, it is difficult to find suitable place and difficult to do wedding ceremony. In this reason, most koreans are reluctunt to do korean traditional wedding. But Western wedding ceremony also has a problem. Western wedding ceremony looks like boasting and it has a lot of unnecessary procedures. Considering this point, I think that every wedding ceremony has good aspects and bad aspects. Therefore, I think that we need to think about more suitable ceremony for us and real meaning of marriage.

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Re: Korean traditional wedding culture.

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In my opinion, at least, it is important that preserve our traditional wedding ceremony.
Actually, Korea doesn’t have own complicated wedding ceremony these days.
When we attend the wedding, almost all of style of ceremony is western style that replaces our traditional one.
Even though it is the choice of newly married couple, we should keep our tradition alive.
Just because of convenience, it is quite wrong to give up an unbroken tradition of over thousands of years.

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Re: Korean traditional wedding culture.

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Personally, I think we have to preserve our own traditional wedding ceremony. Yeongseok kim said that traditional wedding ceremony is very complicated, but these days there are few Korean people who want a traditional wedding. Our life style become westernized and the media (drama or movie) show the wedding occidental very ideally. Wedding dress, wedding veil, wedding ceremony in luxury hotel... these things become a dream of all women. So I think that the interest in traditional wedding is decresed. But we have too preserve our own culture. If we Korean don't preserve that, our tradition will be fade. Of course, there are some problems in traditional wedding. (too expensive wedding presents..etc) But changing the problems, we have to try to keep our culture.

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Re: Korean traditional wedding culture.

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I think korea's wedding- whether traditional style or not- is quiet troublesome for both a bride and groom. The reason is that the wedding is not the couple's own event in korea. I heard that some foreign couple they just go to the administrative agency to regist their marriage and that is all for wedding. However, in korea, Traditionally the wedding has been community's festival. Because of having a lot of community spirit, it was-maybe it has been- very common to step into one's private life. Therefore, it is very natural that scheduled-marry couple are led by their parents and sometimes it makes a
conflict that even causes disengagement. So, I think koreans should take an active part in their own wedding.

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Re: Korean traditional wedding culture.

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I like the korean traditional wedding. Unlike the modern weddings in korea which people seem to attend to eat rather than to celebrate the couple, the traditional wedding is like a festival that people can really enjoy.

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Re: Korean traditional wedding culture.

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When it comes to wedding, I personally believe, a wedding ceremony does not need to be formal, and if couples want, the ceremony itself is not necessary.
People nowadays have changed their mind about having wedding ceremony. To be specific, modern individuals in its day sometimes skip the ceremony and simply live together without any lawful procedure. Namely, people today tends to be more wide-open compared to the past. Therefore, I believe having a wedding cermony or not is completley up to couples.

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Re: Korean traditional wedding culture.

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Today's weddings are quite different from the past. As you said, it weddings were complicated. But today, many people choose the western style wedding.Grooms wear tuxedos and brides wear dress.The wedding ceremony is very simple and it ends quickly. I think it's simple and good, but in some points I'm sorry that the traditional style disappeared.I hope tradition and modern make harmony

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Re: Korean traditional wedding culture.

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I think today Korean wedding is going change.
Nowdays people think expensive wedding is not effective and just waste money, so they simplify wedding course.

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