any other dating rules?

Talk about dating, breaking up, getting married, etc. This is where you can talk about units 2 & 4 in Authentic English Readings for Advanced Students.
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(106)Yeongseok Kim
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any other dating rules?

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Yes, let's talk about other dating rules we or other might have in our or other society. practically saying, those rules are some social behaviors that people in a community or society might expect in a daily life. what comes to my mind when it come to dating rules is the way men and women behave when they encounter for the first time or during the time they are on the initial phase of relationship. Men have a tendancty to be shown as a gentleman, rich man, kind man, generous man, on the other hand, women pretend that they eat little, move nice and sweet, talk little and sweet just like they've become a princess or something they will never be in the end. This is ridiculous some how but this happens very naturally to be seen more attractive to each other, to other sex, to other parter. I think this kind of faked behaviors can be one of dating rules. What's intrigueing is that no one actually never set the dating rule, but who did? we did. our instincts did. our will did.

other than this dating rule, what else? what do you have in mind? as to dating rules?

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Re: any other dating rules?

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What Mr.Kim said is the well-known and widespread dating rules. And there is one more which is similar with what Mr.Kim said. When date is finished, men should send women home. Of course men are stronger than women and women are presence that should be protected but I think it's very difficult thing to men. Usually men use much more money than women during date and they should even give a ride to women. Of course this behavior is one act of being gentleman and showing manner but I think if men should do date like this they will become tired and it makes the rate of 'cooling love' rise. I think cosidering each other is necessary between men and women.

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Re: any other dating rules?

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Two things you guys mentioned are good examples.
I think dating rules are related with something called "Manner". I asked my friend about what kinds of dating rule is. She said three things. First, man holds a umbrella for for women. Second, man stands near the driveway when man walks with woman. Third man holds her bag or something. When I see those things, I agreed what she said and thought this is manner for men. It is not so difficult to do it. Men just want wemen's gratitude. But when women regard these as normal, the couple will come up against some problems.

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Re: any other dating rules?

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I know couples around my age have many problems in deciding whom to pay the bills or whom to ask out a date first.
I think the most reasonable expectation is man asking out a date first and paying dutch together.
Most of graduate students have a part time job or get a pocket money from their parents.
Almost one is rich enough to pay all dating expenses no matter you are a man or a woman.
And most of couples around my age go to see a movie, eat spaghettis or go shopping when they have a date.
However, just waling around amusement park, riding a bicycle and taking a coffee with gazing each other's eyes are another wonderful experience they can grow their love together.
When they have a date, the most important thing is love, not a money. Without money, they could make a beautiful memory of each other.

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