Battlefield Tourism (become too commercial)

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Re: Battlefield Tourism (become too commercial)

Post by (apple)phamchiduc »

I'd support this thing we call today the 'mass production of souvenir items' being sold at former battlefields, as long as if its symbolic, and related to the historical events which took place there. I used to think 'What's the point of traveling without buying unique souvenirs?'.

Yes, that'd be more interesting but i don't think it applies for every travel destination. Battlefields shouldn't be so commercial, but they are becoming more and more anyway, because it works that way today. Battlefield tourism may loses its true values and purposes, but then again...does becoming too commercial decreases the number of visitors? It works that way today in our society. It's a problem but it only happened because we made it that way. Adults may think its solely for profits but 'souvenirs' DO attract the attention of young kids towards battlefields and its history.

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Re: Battlefield Tourism (become too commercial)

Post by (101)bibeksharma »

Buying a souvenir is just a way to remember that you have been to some certain place. Moreover like a proof. It's commercialism. To visit these places is not to collect those but to understand the history and gain knowledge. A lot of people mistake it for a fun place to collect some unique looking things to show it back home. That i find irritating. :twisted:

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Re: Battlefield Tourism (become too commercial)

Post by (apple) jung hyun chae »

Though I do not buy sovenirs in battlefields, I think souvenir stores should be kept. The purpose of battlefield tourism is to cherish the war dead and trace the history. But there are many of them in every countires considering the number of war in the world and they need financial way to maintain. Souvenir store is one easy and common way for it. It's true that government give some help for the attractions, but government cannot bear all battlefield attractions' maintenance costs. To stick to battlefield tourism's original purpose, commercial things like souvenir stores are inevitable.

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Re: Battlefield Tourism (become too commercial)

Post by (LOST) Jihan_Song »

I think more intensive education in history is required. Without it, the matter may get worse.

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Re: Battlefield Tourism (become too commercial)

Post by Sun-Jinahkim »

I think it's okay to have not only souvenir stores but also commercial places in battlefield places unless there are too many. Tourism is tourism. There has to be something enjoyeable for tourists and profitable for vendors. Not everyone can be a historian and People can choose where to go and what for. To be honest, there wouldn't be so many tourists like now if there were nothing commercial.

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Re: Battlefield Tourism (become too commercial)

Post by Lost Baek Haewon »

I believe it is not bad to have souvenir shops near historical sites. Souvenir shops may at first seem to be a distraction in
understanding the true meaning of historicals sites. But for my case, when I was choosing a souvenir to give as a present, I got more interested about it's meaning. I became more keen about what meaning the present I was going to buy had. Even when I was buying a souvenir for myself, in the future, I would look back and remember which site I visited. I think souveir shops do not merely have means of commercialism.

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Re: Battlefield Tourism (become too commercial)

Post by LOST yewoo »

I partially agree about your opinion.
Purchasing souvenir and displaying them in our houses remind us of historical event. It's neccessary i think.
But too many shops and seller prevent tourist from thinking about the moment of historical events.
So I think government should legalize only some authorized shop can administate their own shop.
Do you have any different idea about my opinion?

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Re: Battlefield Tourism (become too commercial)

Post by (Aplus) Lee Dae jae »

Well, I think it is not bad to have commercial aspects in battlefield tourism.

I also see that selling some traditional crafts or things like that could be one of parts to introduce our traditional customs.

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Re: Battlefield Tourism (become too commercial)

Post by (starbucks)Eun-jae Rhee »

I totally agree with your opinion.
If we do something, for few days we know what we did in where, at when, with whom. But when the days pass, we forget about it! To avoid this situation, we write diaries. I think souvenir do the similar roll. As we FORGET, we need things to remind! Of course there can be a commercial meaning of seller in souvenir. But I think If we forget about the experience and meaning of battlefield, that could be a more insulting result than selling item in battlefield.

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Re: Battlefield Tourism (become too commercial)

Post by Sun-DongJinPark »

In my opinion there's nothing wrong with souvenir stores in tourist places even if it is a battlefield.
Battlefields might be tragic places, but things that happened there are actions of the past and it's important just to remember them.
Is it really important whether people buy souvenirs there or not? They want to keep them as a memory of having visited there, nothing more.
As for me it seems to be an exaggeration that it should be prohibited to open souvenir shops in battlefields.

sun-hyoung seok
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Re: Battlefield Tourism (become too commercial)

Post by sun-hyoung seok »

I agree with your opinion.
Tourists will come battle fields and they will buy many souvenirs.Those souvenirs will remind historical message of tourists who bought them.
So battle field for commercial purpose is acceptable.

Starbucks - Lee JiHoon
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Re: Battlefield Tourism (become too commercial)

Post by Starbucks - Lee JiHoon »

In my point of view, selling souvenirs in battle field memorials can be effective. That is,first, living in a capitalized world we cannot avoid the role of capital. Therefore, everything has its own value to be sold or worth somehow. Second, battlefields have its history of pain and agony by massacre of soldiers who faught in the battle, their relatives and descendants. However, it is also a place where it can be celebrated for the liberty we have now or freedom of slavery. It cannot always be thought of a place of slaughter that happened hundreds of years ago. Therefore, two of my reasons support for the battlefield tourism to become commercial.

sun jaehee jung
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Re: Battlefield Tourism (become too commercial)

Post by sun jaehee jung »

I agree with you. people tend to think that something commercial in tourists is very harmful. But I think we need to permit and acknowledge commercialism to some extent. of course we have to eliminate something bad and unpleasant for tourists, which disturbs travel such as casino.
however, i think accommodation, souvenir shop and so on which is helpful for tourists promotion is good.

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Re: Battlefield Tourism (become too commercial)

Post by Apple-GyeYeonCho »

I agree with you. The souvenir shop should be located in the battlefields. I think it is such a good method to locate the souvenir shop because we can remember the thing which we saw in the battlefields not forget it rightafter come back home. But, be careful about becoming too comercial. Reember the purpose of the souvenir shop is to make people keep the place in their minds. If so, I think the souvenir shop is okay to be located in the battlefields.

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Re: Battlefield Tourism (become too commercial)

Post by (lab102)jounghwanpark »

I also think that souvenir shops are good because they can provide memorable goods with the objective of giving people something to take back and remember after their visit. However, these souvenir shops shouldn't place their focus too much on making profit, which would eventually lead to commercialization, but focus on providing goods to people for appropriate purposes.

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