Battlefield Tourism (become too commercial)

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Re: Battlefield Tourism (become too commercial)

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I think that Battlefield tourism becoming too commercial causes many problems. We may lose seriousness to our history.
But persuading us buy souvenir to memory battlefield is kind of means to make money.
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Re: Battlefield Tourism (become too commercial)

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I personally think that the battlefield is very sacred and historical place where should be protected very carefully within the government's policy. Because that's the place where many ancestors fought and died for the country. These days, we can find very easily that so many commercialized chains are invaded even to the battlefield. For example, the big supermarket chains near the battlefield sites or restaurants or convenient stores,etc. Of course it can be very convenient for the tourists to buy the things necessary, but this should be limited just selling small guidebooks or souvenirs. The battlefield shouldn't be the market place and any intention of making into commercial space cannot be justified.
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Re: Battlefield Tourism (become too commercial)

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I can't agree with you more. Because the souvenior can help us to exactly remeber what happened at there, and also see them near to the traveler. However, offering economic and plausible price must be an number one condition.
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Re: Battlefield Tourism (become too commercial)

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I think it's a good idea to commercialize a memorial park.

The memorial park have to be in full operation continuously. To do that, cost will be occured inevitably.
Commercialization is one of good alternative for securing manegement source.

In addition, There's strong chance to revive regional economy.
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Re: Battlefield Tourism (become too commercial)

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I think preserving the battlefield has its purpose in letting people remember the spirit and lessons, not in restricting visters to prevent battlefield from being damaged. However, I'd like to say commercializing battlefields literally for fun is improper.
For example, I think amusement park or theater completely not related to remembering the spirit and lessons are inappropriate but, holding regularly festivals associated with the battle or using battlefields for museum to mourn the people or remind the meaning of war are appropriate.
Through them, we can get both enjoyment and lesson. Finally, I think the most important factor in preserving battlefield sites is people's consciousness not physically restricting the sites.
Educating people about how important the battlefield can prevent damaging the place
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Re: Battlefield Tourism (become too commercial)

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