l like travel

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201020066 sondahee
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l like travel

Post by 201020066 sondahee »

2011's my plane is travel.
last year i wanted travel but i was afraid of unfamiliar place and annoyed made travel's plane.
but this year i become different.
last winter vacation i went Chuncheon, Ga-pyeong .
that time i felt my heart was throbbing with expectation and travel is make me grow up.
during summer vacation i will go travel!

201021685 Baek Min Woo
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Re: l like travel

Post by 201021685 Baek Min Woo »

travel is always exciting!
where will you go on your summer vacation? :?:

201020872 강성진
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Re: l like travel

Post by 201020872 강성진 »

why don't you go to the 속초

속초 have very nice sea and 설악산

next to the hahwa condo, very nice soon doo boo chon

kim young ae grandmother soon doo boo house is the best ...very nice !!


i know a fish shop whose dauther is very nice!

200720506 Sojeong
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I like traveling!

Post by 200720506 Sojeong »

I like traveling very much.
I traveled around the country, but I have been overseas trip just one time.
I save up for a trip Europe.
Europe will always be a place that I dream of visiting!
I'm Senior, this would be my last chance to travel before I graduate.

And I'm university student supporters in activity save for overseas travel in Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
What kind of work do I?
Could you have a look at it?

http://blog.naver.com/mofat0404/30109276354 ^^;

200920612/Seoung O
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I like travel

Post by 200920612/Seoung O »

I like travel in every where.
but, I went beautiful place in korea passable.
so I want to go overseas travel.
I want to see the alps ,venezia, the Eiffel Tower ,the Colosseum...and so on.
I think that overseas have beautiful scenery.
and I think that travel makes me wide-field.
I will go to overseas travel in a few years.

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Re: l like travel

Post by 200820417leehyunjung »

I am the same. I aam really afraid of going to unfamiliar places.
So when I want to go travelling I uaually go with my friend or my famaily.
But this year I am going to challenge myself and go travelling on my own.
I hope this summer vacation you will have a fun vacation. .

200920606 sunghanna
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Re: I like travel

Post by 200920606 sunghanna »

I like travel, too!!
but..I am not going to visit many places in Korea yet ㅜㅜ
I feel sad about that!
so! If i get a chance~ I go to beautiful place!
Can you recommend any place?

201020718 lee a reum
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Re: I like travel

Post by 201020718 lee a reum »

really? me too. but i don't travel often
because it cost a lot and need detailed plan
so it makes spend a lot and makes people tired
except a plan part
honesty actually travel is fun
do you prepare any travel for this summervacaion?

201020143 SongJinYoung
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Re: l like travel

Post by 201020143 SongJinYoung »

I like travel too!! this summer i must go abroad !_!
I hope you travel be good!! :P

200820791 Hwang Kwang-Ik
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i like to travel aborad !!

Post by 200820791 Hwang Kwang-Ik »

I like to travel. especially like to travel abroad
actually, I was not interested in travel to abroad when i was young
I have been to china in 2008 summer vacation, becasue my mother live in there.
so i was there during 2months

that time was wonderful to me !
i was really happy.

to make foreign friends and experience another culture is really funny !

so now, I love so much travel to abroad. if I have money I will go travel every vacation !

201020004 kiju
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Re: l like travel

Post by 201020004 kiju »

I've always wanted to backpack around Asia~
so i plan to travel southeast ~
I look forward to coming this day~

201020004 kiju
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Post by 201020004 kiju »

The last time I travelled to china
this was the first trip to me. so when i arrived to china, I jumped for joy
and i experienced many thing and ate a variety of foods
i see many china's cultural heritage~
It was such a surprising sight and i can study there's cultural.

so i decided that i will travelling to outheast Asian this summer vacation!!
I spent two weeks in Southeast Asia in three different countries.
so this day, i am looking forward to summer vacation~
but i am not have enough money to travel
so set by money for the travel
Wish me luck :D

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