I'm planning to go to Philippine in summer vacation!

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201020246 Kwon Hyo Won
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I'm planning to go to Philippine in summer vacation!

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Hello, everyone ! :) This week topic is travel.

Traveling is the wonderful experience that we can 8)

So I'm planning to go somewhere that i've never been to !!!

I have a GEO professor that i've been getting along with closely. And one day, he told me that i can go traveling with no deep pocket. :D

He further told me that i can go nice place and experience many diffrerent kinds of things !! So i was totally fascinated by his thinking!! :D

So i decided to go to philippine during the summer vacation since I have many friends in there so that I don't have to worry about food, lodging and other things..

I'm planning to get there on August for 2 weeks because i will participate in GEO summer camp in July. :lol:

Everyday is an adventure ! I'd like to do challenge and experience so many things as i can !!! I want to enjoy living my life !!!

I hope everyone can live their own lives !!!!! And this travel will be awesome !! :)

Do you have any tip for safe traveling ?????:)

201020143 SongJinYoung
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Re: I'm planning to go to Philippine in summer vacation!

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Wow that thing is nice plan!! go to abroad is awesome +_+
you are english skill is very good! so you will enjoy that place people~ :P
this site <http://www.0404.go.kr/> have safe travel tip!! See it ^____^

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