My first overseas trip to India

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201020646 yu jeong
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My first overseas trip to India

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hahaha~ Hi?
I've been to India for a one month in January.
I went backpacking, alone. :D
I experienced so many impressive thing.
I slept in train for 20 hours.
I've been to desert and enjoyed camel safari.
I ate so much curry .
And I wouldn't see so many cows in my life like there.
Ah....I miss there.. :cry:

201020952 kim hye kyung
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Re: My first overseas trip to India

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Oh, I think that India is a very strange place.
Always, I saw only desert and camels inTV.
Is there really an oasis?
And I think that it's wonderful about you went to travel alone !
I envy to you. Because you have been precious memories.

200820371 sehee
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Re: My first overseas trip to India

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I'd love to go to India for sure I watched a movie filming in India.
After that movie I did fall in love with India. How was the scenery of India?
Could you explain more?
Which city did you visit? I personally want go a blue city.
I've heard the city is so beautiful and amazing. :)

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Re: My first overseas trip to India

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India is a wonderful place and it depends where you go for visit. There are amazings things there and how people survive there.

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