Paris :)

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Paris :)

Post by 200620104Yisul »

Paris... don't you feel exciting when you just hear that word?
yes. so much does to me. because I've never forgot going to Paris with my sister.
um, it's already 3 years ago but I'm still remembering at the time.
and I really want to go to Paris again! I will.
at Paris, my sister and I went to museums not only famous museums also very small ones.
Among them, the most impressed place is Piccaso museum. I visited there three times! it was differents feeling each time.
I'm sure even you are not interested in art you will fall in love with Piccaso :)
And if you have plan to go to Paris, please do not bring a map! In Paris, you must lost(even you have a map already) in the middle of road.
That moment! your travel will be started.
I feel happy just writing about Paris.
200420001 sang wook Kang
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Re: Paris :)

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Wow, what a good experience!

I think it`s very exciting to you.

I really want to go to Europe, especially, Germany.

What do you have any place or episode(Someone`s in love with you or your sister cuz Paris is a city of love ^^ hahaha) in Paris
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Re: Paris :)

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I think that was very valuable experience.
I begin to pay attention since I listen the lecture 'understanding of art'.
Picasso is one of the great artist since the history of man begins.
I also wanna go to Paris and visit Picasso museum.
I have one question for you.
Are you always adventurous? Like traveling without any map?
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Re: Paris :)

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i want to go to Paris, someday.
i'm very envious you~
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Re: Paris :)

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When I was 15 years old. I went to paris!
It was a wonderful experience in my life.
I was impressed by the streets of paris, because It was unique and there was no telegraph poles.
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