summer vacation:)

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201020495 Park Na Hye
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summer vacation:)

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What are u going to do during summer vacation??

Maybe study something and hang out with ur friends right??

To me!!!! i will go Singapore and Philippines during this summer

From june 21 to july 1st!!!!

So now!!!! i'm very excited and nervous^^

Actually i was plannig to go America during this summer

But.... my friend will visit Korea so i could't go there...

Maybe next year i can go there:)

And also i will go Busan and other places in Korea

Last winter vacation I went Sun-cheon alone, and it was wonderful:)



201020143 SongJinYoung
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Summer Plan!!

Post by 201020143 SongJinYoung »

I love travel!! but.. i didn't go abroad!!..
So this Summer, i must go abroad +_+ summer is So hot! i want go Cool place..
I find Cool place! that is Alaska !
Alaska is the largest state of the US, in the extreme northwest of North America
i hear that Alaska has the biggest national park in the United States. so i really want go this park!!
in Alaska, people rub noses to say hello! isn't is surprise !?!? :P
and most polar bears are found along the northern coast of Alaska! i want see polar bears too!!
This is good and nice Thinking
hurry up comming summer vacation!_!

200920915 yoonsera
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vacation in summer

Post by 200920915 yoonsera »


our country is too hot in summer

so, i alsays think about north way country like alaska

i really really want to go alaska in summer.

the most tnink i want to do is rideing a dog sled.

and fishing on the ice

some day, or maybo next summer i'm sure be there :mrgreen:

201021042 Jangyounhee
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Re: summer vacation:)

Post by 201021042 Jangyounhee »

UM....during this vacation, I want to go beautiful place in Korea.
but maybe I will study english in Academy continuously.
it's very sad but it's true :cry:

200820791 Hwang Kwang-Ik
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Re: Summer Plan!!

Post by 200820791 Hwang Kwang-Ik »

summer vacation... it's nice time to travel
i really went to go travel in summer vacation.
but i quite part-time job, so i have no money...
maybe i will do part-time job in summer vacation !!

201020690 ahn sung real
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Re: Summer Plan!!

Post by 201020690 ahn sung real »

umm i think travel is nice..
but.. travel makes body very tired.. haaaaaa
so this summer vacation i will take a rest in my home , friend's home and club room

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