jeju island

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200820005 kwon joong je
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travel to JeJu island!

Post by 200820005 kwon joong je »

hi everyone ~ have fun spending the weekend?

in my case, today dawn i watched Champions League MU VS Barcelona, so woke up 3 p.m...i was disppointed a lot because i

am MU fan.

anyway as soon as final exam end, i'm planing to go to jeju island. if you are the korean, you will know jeju island.

jeju isand is very beautiful island, so we decide to jeju island. after final exam we will go jeju and we will borrow scooter kk

riding a scooter, will travel to jeju. about thinking that, already so excited . we planing to eat jeju black pig and sliced raw

fish etc.. happy to eat!!!! nowadays friends and me plan to travel specifically for fantastic travel. Looking forward to that

day is coming soon. and Do you have any travel plans during summer vacation? i want to know~^^

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Re: travel to JeJu island!

Post by ekthasla9174 »

201020677 bang da som.

i was travel to jeju island. just one time.
so l don't know about jeju island. my freinds hometown is jeju. he say jeju is not special.
but so many people jeju special place. i think is good place for travel.
so l want to travel with my family.^^

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Re: travel to JeJu island!

Post by 200620104Yisul »

yes, I read many articles on internet about the big match.
Park Ji seong was sooooooo good but it was so sorry to lose.
And like you, I 've naver been Jeju-island before T.T
But I really want to go to here because I so much want to go to Mt. Halla and Olle-road.
Maybe I could go Jeju island in June :)

200920891 NaHwi
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Re: travel to JeJu island!

Post by 200920891 NaHwi »

Hello~ I wanna win MU too. But Barca's play is awesome!!
Anyway, I'm planning a trip to Macao with my old friends.
I expect the trip will be fantastic experience before graduation.
It planned for this winter.
Have you any plan to travel except Jeju island?

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jeju island

Post by 200820057ahnjunyoung »

hello everyone.

I have travel plan this summer vacation.

I'm going to jeju island with my friends.

They are joong-ge and Tae-ho. We are looking forward to this trip.

becase, jeju is full of beatiful place and delicious Food.

We will climb Mt. Hanra, riding a motorcycle and swimming.

I went to Jeju Island in the high school trip.

Now, 10 years have passed. We expect happen to fun episode.

What's your summer vacation plan?

201021786 Choi jin sil
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Re: jeju island

Post by 201021786 Choi jin sil »

jeju island is beautiful~

but black-pig is not my type;(

200821441 LeeJunyong
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Re: travel to JeJu island!

Post by 200821441 LeeJunyong »

i watched Champions League Man U VS Barcelona, too.
very tired.
I have been to jeju at 5 years ago.
jeju very really beautibul!!!
I'm planning visit to jeju next years summer vacation.

200920612/Seoung O
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Re: travel to JeJu island!

Post by 200920612/Seoung O »

JeJu island is very beautiful place.
When I was high school student, I went to JeJu island in school
I never forgot Jeju island scenery.
Hanra mountain is very cool.
I want to go to Hanra mountain one more time.

200820624 soo-jung Choi
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Re: travel to JeJu island!

Post by 200820624 soo-jung Choi »

I heard about the last night’s football results. :(
Although Man U lost, it was a good game. Anyway, I went on a highschool field trip to Jeju Island.
I have been there. But I hope to visit one more time. This place is good to a sight for sore eyes. :D
How long will you be staying in Jeju island?

201020474 eunji kim
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Re: jeju island

Post by 201020474 eunji kim »

did you go to jeju island with friends?
how wonderful! I envy you.
I have visited to jeju only once with my family.
It was very beautiful experience: )

201021694 Son So-hee
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Re: jeju island

Post by 201021694 Son So-hee »

I always want to go Jeju Island but I don`t go there until now.T.T
How wonderful visiting there is!
You look so happy.
I hope to go a trip with my friends in this vacation, too.
It will be great.
Anyway, enjoy your trip! :P

200920606 sunghanna
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Re: jeju island

Post by 200920606 sunghanna »

I like jeju island, too!
There may be many schools which go jeju island for school excursions.
I went on a school excursions i was a middle shool student^^
But package tours are not a bit of a drag..
The result was naughty but nice^^

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Re: jeju island

Post by 201020468soo-hyun »

I visited Jeju island when I was highschool student by school trip.

I'm sure it will be wonderful.

I wish going Jeju island with my family.

201020629 Namhee
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Re: jeju island

Post by 201020629 Namhee »

I have been to Jeju island when I was in sencond grade of middle school for a school trip.
I enjoyed time there watching beautiful landscape and I ate delicious foods of Jeju island such as a 'black pig'.
You should try it if you go there!! In this summar vacation, I'm planning to go to Busan and I will eat many delicious local foods.
What will you eat when you go to Jeju this summar?

200820035 Tae ho
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Re: jeju island

Post by 200820035 Tae ho »

hey junyoung
I have been very excited.
we make good memories.

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