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201021658 kim hye won
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I like travel. I'd like to travel around the world.
My most memorable traveling experience was going to the cambodia for service activity with 15 volunteer.
We volunteered night and day for two weeks.
And, we helped painting in cambodia school.
Cambodia children was very cute and kind.
But, combodia weather is very hot, so service activity is hard.
We traveled only two days.
We went to go to Angkor Wat.
Angkor Wat in Cambodia is one of the most famous temples in the world.
The temples is very grand and big.
And we went to go to the cambodia buffet and night market and massage.
This trip will stay with us as a happy memory. :)

201021694 Son So-hee
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Re: cambodia

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You had a nice travel. I think you are so great.
I want to go to abroad voluntary service, too.
But I don`t know about it well.
Do you tell me about that? As a voluntary service`s senior.^.^

201020629 Namhee
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Re: cambodia

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It must have been really a tough trip!! I don't like hot weather, so when I went to Gana for a trip I had very hard time.
However, I think you had a great and valuable time there. I also wanted to go to Mongolia to do voluteer work but I couldn't
because of the money problem. If you have chance to go to Cambodia to do a voluteer activity again, will you go?

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