I want to go Europe!!!!

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201020346 KimSunKyung
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I want to go Europe!!!!

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i visited india when i 5th grade in elementry school
it was very fun. but i have a dream of travel for long long time ago.

I planned to go Europe last year with best friend.
especially we wanted to go north europe!
but... WE had to do assignment of school.so it was delayed....i''m too sad...
however we are now plan again.

but there are little change in that plan.
first we are so poor. so we decided to go southeast Asia.
that's more cheap than europe.
and we hope that have a massage.

some day, i'll go to europe, through abundant money!!!!! i will!!!
how about you? where do you want to go?

201021753 lim sun hyoung
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Re: I want to go Europe!!!!

Post by 201021753 lim sun hyoung »

i want to go Europe, too.
i really go to Europe.ㅜㅜ
but i have no money.....
someday i hope to go Europe...

i hope you to go Europe someday !!!!!

201020690 ahn sung real
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Re: I want to go Europe!!!!

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i want to go europ..
but that is so expansive..
u.u so i will have part time job
go to europe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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