I traveled Phuket.

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200820449 hongheamin
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I traveled Phuket.

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I love travel, so I'd like to travel around the world.
I've traveled China, Taiwan, Thailand before.
My most memorable traveling experience was going to Phuket in Thailand with my friend.
I stayed six days in Phuket, and Phuket has great charm for me.
There were variety of fruits (like coconut, mangosteen, lychee, jackfruit, papaya, mango, and durian), and delicious sea foods.
The night market was vibrant, and there was lots of unique foods to eat.
I went to Phi Phi Islands to snorkelling.
It has the most beautiful scenery and the water was so clear I could see the bottom of the sea.
There were so many colorful fishes that looked like the fish in "Finding Nemo".
I also rode an elephant and went for a walk.
I enjoyed the blue sea and the fresh air. I felt I was truly in heaven while I was in Phuket.
I'd like to go to Phuket again!!
And if there is a chance, I also want to travel Bangkok. :D

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Last winter vacation, I went to phuket in Thailand with my family.
This phuket is my first abroad trip place!
Before leave to korea, I had a lot of emotions..expectation and fear..
But when I arrived phuket airport, I was excited!!!
Everything made me feel new because it was first time.
A scene that I felt impressive was Phi Phi Islands.
I wanna go there once more.

200920915 yoonsera
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Re: phuket

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"WOW i so envy you

i really want to go there

l like there becuase the color of sea is very beautiful

and really really i want to do is snorkelling!!!!!!!!!

201020838 Youn-je
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Re: phuket

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I so envy you....
Wow.... One of my friend went to there. So he gave me a souvenir, key holder.
Your paragraph make me know my memory. Thanks

200820371 sehee
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Re: I traveled Phuket.

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You seamed like me enjoyed the travel a lot.
Eating fruits, snorkelling and riding elephant..
I'm sure you had fun and great time in phuket.
I know phuket is famous for a honeymoon.
so, I'm planing to go to there for a honeymoon with mt future husband. hahahahaha
I expecially want to do snorkelling. It sounds fun! :)

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