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201020838 Youn-je
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Welcome to Suwon, my home town!!!
In Suwon, there are many historical places, Hwaseong Fortress,Hwaseong Fortress palace, park, temple.
I think every thing is important but if you ask me to choose the most important place, i can say Hwaseong Fortress.
Because it is National Treasure in UNESCO's Memory of the world.

It is most scientific fortress. For example, there are many projected fortress part in every 25 meters(I am not sure, just i found it).
And when this Fortress was made, our ancestors used the machines to help building easily.

How about coming to Suwon?

200720615 Suin
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I live in Anyang nearby Suwon. so, I often used to go Suwon.
Do you know Motgol market? The market is a traditional market. recently, this place is famous!
Because, there are many events and interesting peeple.
If you have a chance to visit traditional market, it would be nice.

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