Battle Field Tourism

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Battle Field Tourism

Post by lab102-KimSieun »

In Korea, there are many battlefields.
People from elementary school students to adults visit the battlefields.
Especially, parents bring their children to there because they think it's helpful and instructive to make children understanding history.
However in fact, children usually do not focus on the history or the meaning of the war. They just enjoy their trip to suburb.

In my opinion, parents or teachers must make students to get interested in battlefield for real education.

What do you think about it? How can we attract students and make them knowing history?

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Re: Battle Field Tourism

Post by (apple)phamchiduc »

As a fellow student, i also hated learning history. First, I would argue that we cannot "make" our students be interested in history. There is no way to actually reach every student and make him or her have an interest in history.

Second, there are a few things for teachers (or parents) could try to "gain" (not make them) students' interest in history:

A. Make the history materials relevant to the students, since it puts them in a position where they can relate to the events that are happening to people who lived during different times and different places. For example, put the students in the situations of historical figures and ask them how they would feel and act.

B. Teachers (or parents) should be excited about the materials they're handling and teaching itself. If the teacher is uninterested in teaching history then why would a student feel they should be interested in learning? Being excited doesn't have to be a major part of the lesson plans but instead can lighten up the class with humor.

C. Teachers (or parents) should present the materials in a variety of different ways. Teachers can switch between movies, lectures, debates, research projects, group projects, role playing, visuals, and even audios...etc into their classroom.

Again, we can't force the young generation to actually BE interested in history. We can only try to help them realize how important it is. I hope these ideas are somewhat you were looking for.

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Re: Battle Field Tourism

Post by lab102-KimSieun »

In first, thank you for your comments.
Actually I also hate history and do not have interest on that..
I admit my mistake in choosing a word. What I meant in using term 'make' means 'give' as you said.
And your opinions about how we can give students informantions is very specific and impressive.
Thank you.

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Re: Battle Field Tourism

Post by (lab102)ParkEunra »

I also visited to battle field a few times when I was young, but I didn't understand why people come to visit there, then it became so boring soon.( I even don't remember where I visited.) I didn't have any interest in what happened in the sites because I was too young to fully understand what the sites mean and how important what our ancestor did. However, as I grew up, I got interested in what's happening around us. So now I understand what I didn't understand when I was young. Some poeple could get impression from the sites when they young but I think most of the children are wasting their time. That would be better to visit battle field and some historical sites after they can understand and learn enough the background of the sites. Thanks :)

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Re: Battle Field Tourism

Post by (lab102)songminjung »

For me, I was quite interested in history when I was young(but it's shame to say that I don't have an interest in history any longer) so I was always happy to visit some historic sites. But I think I enjoyed visiting because I had learned background about the historic places before I visited. It's good for kids to know first about where they're heading to and ask some questions to have an interest on history after visiting places.

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Re: Battle Field Tourism

Post by (lab102)kimdoojin »

As some of you said, I think it is important to let the people take interest in history in order to attrack them to the battlefields. But how? In my case, I have been interested in history since my childhood owing to historical soap operas such as "King and Queen(왕과비)", "Taejo Wanggun(태조왕건)". If the teachers at school use historical movies or soap operas to teach their students or encourage them to have interest in history, it will be effective. History is just a story. When we regard history just as a story, it could be fun. In fact, many popular stories of novels or movies originated from history. For example, the upcoming movie, "the iron lady(철의 여인)", originated from the British history.

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Re: Battle Field Tourism

Post by Sun-ChanghoonShin »

I wasn't a fan of learning history but I enjoyed learning it. But it's a shame that I haven't visited any battlefields in Korea.
From my experience, it is really hard for students to focus on history(especially when they are on a trip).
I think one of the reasons is that battlefield tour isn't so exciting. This is because the tour is just like going to the museum and see weapons.
I thought about two ways to make students focus on the meaning of the battlefield.
First, parents or teachers should inform the child about the history related to the battlefield.
Since this step is boring, it is important to deliver the message concisely. Also, don't forget to tell how the battle affects our life today.
Secondly, battlefield tourism has to become more dynamic. Children get easily bored if there isn't any action involved.
Therefore battlefield tourist places should develop a program where children can participate in a simulated war with toy weapons.
This would be a memorable experience and a way to make children entertained throughout the trip.

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Re: Battle Field Tourism

Post by (101)Leeyerang »

I agree with your opinion. When I was young, I also was excited just becuase of the fact that I am going somewhere I think that I wasn't that interested in the battlefield and the historical meaning of it and I believe that the children today will react the same way as I did. I think the reason for this phenomena is becuase the battlefield tourism is just made for the children and tourists to look at and they need to read all the information as they are watching. I think that that is not a good way to inform tourists especially children. I think that children should have more fun in watching these battlefields. So for the children to have fun in these places I think that they should actually be able to feel the place. For example, they should be able to revive the war or not just by reading the words but by listening or watching the information would help them have an interest in battlefields.

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Re: Battle Field Tourism

Post by (lab102)InesJarqueWarnotte »

Well, I was born in Belgium and later on moved to France and over there parents don't really talk about the war to their children. Children study about the war at school, during the history class but they never actually take a field trip to a battlefield. Even parents, they don't usually go to a battlefield with their children.

It would be nice if parents were more interested in their history and encouraged their children to learn more about war, unfortunately it seems to be the oposite.

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Re: Battle Field Tourism

Post by Sun Alicia Lee »

In Korea society, learning through books is usually regarded as a more important way of education rather than experience. Though I agree getting knowledge from books is necessary, it would be more effective if experience is combined with those knowledge.
When students learn history in school they can get the basic information of some events, such as the cause, the process, and the result. Since they have to take exams about what they have learned, they will memorize all of the information, and they might be very professional about historical events right after their school education. However, in our society it is common to find adults who forgot most of the contents that were taught in history class.
Therefore, to solve this problem and help students to truly understand the history, experience should be added to Korea's education. I agree that bringing little children to historical places is not really effective because they do not remember the past experience well and they only feel boring. However, if the students who already learned the basic knowledge of history have a chance to visit those places, it will certainly help them to think about the historical events in a more earnest perspective and to be more interested.
For these reasons, I believe visiting battle fields is needed for the education of Korea society.

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Re: Battle Field Tourism

Post by (lab102)jounghwanpark »

I totally agree with you on this point because I myself regret lacking in knowledge about Korea and Australia (especially Korea since it's my mother country), which are the two countries that I've lived in. Since children aren't old enough to realize the significance of the history behind many battlefield tourism sites, I do think it's most appropriate for adults to encourage children to some extent, so they'll be able to learn and eventually do the same by passing it down to their children later on in the future.

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Re: Battle Field Tourism

Post by (lab102)Sujin Shin »

I agree with your opinion.
Children are usually not interested in history. Also they don't care about battlefield tourism.
When they went to travel to battle field, they are just fascinated with playing with friends.
So battlefield tourism with children doesn't mean anything.
I think the reason that children hate history is because they think history is really boring.
So parents and teachers should know this situation and have to solve this problems.
To solve this problem, parents should read interesting books with history and battlefield to children.
Additionally, teachers must encourage to get children interest in history and battlefield.
They should make amusing things with history. From doing these effort, children will be interested in history, also battlefield.!! :)

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Re: Battle Field Tourism

Post by (Aplus)LeeMinHyung »

It is really important but not easy to make our children be more interested in history. We, as a grown-up, study or work if we need to do. However, it's not the same to our children who love to see more visually fantastic places like theme parks, character shops, swimming pools..or such kinds of places. They do not feel happy when they were told to visit a battle field because there's no cartoon characters, video games, or anything they enjoy. Therefore, what we have to do is to make them realize why battle fields are as fantastic or fabulous as those places mentioned above. This is our role, our responsibility, and our obligation to teach and make them understand what it means to know our history. At first, they would not agree to the importance of history because they are young, which means they do everything as they want to do, not listen to what our people talk. But, we should not be impatient, and wait for some time until they are able to grasp what lies in battle fields. As they get to know and perceive what we say, history would be no more a subject to them. It would be like an interesting comic book. We should exert ourselves to make the history much more fascinating and interesting!

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Re: Battle Field Tourism

Post by lab102_BaeMyeongHwan »

Well, I think It is natural for most children that they don't like histrorical things.

Children often have more interest in buying some fascinating toys, eating a cotton candy or playing with their friends in the battle field.

At that age, Kids prefer that things to touring the battle field.

But, It is worth for the Kids just visiting the battle field and watching famous landmarks, although they don't want to.

At least, they could recall some images of the battle field when they will see that place in the book or the television later.

It will be helpful for the children in understanding history in any way.

Besides, the first visit to certain battle field also will be helpful, when they visit there next time.

So, I think parents have to bring their children to various battle fields, whether their children like it or not.

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