Battlefield Tourism is not bad!!

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Re: Battlefield Tourism is not bad!!

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Most of the tourist interesting to see the history of the battlefield. Battlefield tourism is not only for those people who are interested in historical wars. But most of the tourist are those who like to see new historical places.

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Re: Battlefield Tourism is not bad!!

Post by (lab102)leedaeun »

I agree with you that battlefield tourism is not bad. Also, I like how you've organized your opinion neatly and easy to understand. However, I disagree with your idea in some point.
Firstly, you've mentioned that battlefield tourism is economically good. To support your opinion, you've said there are not many places in Korea for tourism except battlefields. Well... I definitely believe that battlefields are excellent tourism sites. However, there are many 'non-battlefield tourism sites' in Korea as well such as Namsan tower and Jeju Island.
Also, even though battlefield tourism is good economically, there are some drawbacks. For example, because lots of people visit battlefields, some of the sites are destroyed. Also, as battlefield tourism gain financial benefits, those money are used commercially too much. And worse, as it became so commercial, people remember battlefields as a place for entertainment.
Apart from these points, I agree that battlefield tourism is not bad!
Thank you for your nice and organized post:]
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Re: Battlefield Tourism is not bad!!

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I agree with you to some extent because I also think that we should create an environment which would get them more involved in learning the history of Korea. However, your point about battlefield tourism sites' contribution towards the economy's tourism plan makes me wonder whether battlefield tourism sites should exist for financial and economical purposes since there are many tourism sites, other than battlefield sites, that can contribute to the economy and its tourism plan.
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Re: Battlefield Tourism is not bad!!

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I agree with your opinion that the battlefield tourism is not bad, especially the second reason! :wink:
Nowaday, even though our country has been in truce with the North Korea since the korean war, young generations are only forced to compete for a good university. So visiting battlefield could help for young people ,including my generation, not only to get alert for any possible wars and to be thankful for what our ancestors have done for our country but also it will be of great help for us to understand the present situation.
In conclusion the battlefield tourism will be a great learning field to intrigue interest of our country, and remember the cruelty and the tears of wars.
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Re: Battlefield Tourism is not bad!!

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I agree with your opinion that battlefield tourism is not bad.
Some people says that touring battlefields is harm for young children's mentality. But I don't agree with them. Cause people who shouts that battlefield tourism is bad for children just have very narrow sight on the war and battles. But they need to think deeper. War and battles doesn't always mean negative things. Through the battlefield tourism we can learn our ancestor's braveness against invaders and can see their will to protect our nation from other country's invade. War and battle convey an various meaning more than just 'conflict or trouble'. So It would be good to travel the battlefield with our children to teach them how innocent people died from here and now what should we have to do for them, then our children could stand in awe of life. I believe it's very good to children's education.
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