Why there are not so many Battlefield tourism in Korea

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Why there are not so many Battlefield tourism in Korea

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When I was preparing for the midterm my partner and I decided to talk about battlefield tourism in Korea but we were having trouble because there was not so much information about battlefield tourism in Korea so instead we changed the topic to talk about why there is not so much battlefield tourism in Korea.

First reason is that the people in Korea are not ready to enjoy Battlefield tourism. Our nation is a very unique because it is one of the countries that are still at war with another country. It is said that the Korean War is over but technically it is not, we just made truce with North Korea. Although most people don’t think about the war but I think it might be a little bit early to make it as tourism maybe most people are not ready yet.

Second reason is the lack of resources our government puts on Korean battlefields. Because Koreans have had a goal to be a wealthy country, the government also is run by people who think the most important thing is economic development; they don’t have time to care about battlefield tourism. On the other hand America is a very rich country so their government has some more room to think about the Civil war and Gettysburg. If we become more economically developed, maybe our government will be able to care about battlefield tourism.

Third reason is that there are not so many famous battlefields in South Korean soil. When I tried to search some famous battlefields during the Korean War, I found out that most of them are in North Korean territory. The Jang-Jin battle which happened around the lake Jang-Jin, it is one of the most famous because many soldiers had sacrificed their lives in order to protect the civilians while they were retreating. Many UN and American troops were killed in that battlefield and if it was in South Korean soil it would have been a very good tourist spot.

Another reason is that our battlefield sites lack entertainment. This is also true for other parts of historical sites to such as Kyung-Ju. I was very shocked when I was visiting Osaka castle and to find out that in Japan people really makes the experience fun and entertaining. Not only they had made historical figures into characters but also they made a historical site into a little amusement park. I think Korean battlefields and other historical sites need some more entertainment, like in America when kids dress up in uniforms of Confederate soldiers and shoot toy guns.

This is just my own view on battlefield tourism what do you think?

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