Battle Field Tourism

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(106)Yeongseok Kim
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Battle Field Tourism

Post by (106)Yeongseok Kim » Mon Mar 11, 2013 2:22 am

In today's class we have discussed the topic 'BFT', and the author is mainly talking about what happend in Gettysburg, how the historical place got to become a tourist attraction, and what's going on thesedays. and finally the author said- we can only hope that this battle field will be remembered as a sacred 'sepulchre of illustrious men'. The last sentence contains the exact idea what the author intends to deliver to readers--battle field itself is enough for its value.
however, I'm a bit against the author's idea. I belive that most common people like me usually don't give a interest to battle field tourism as far as I know and have experienced. people are people. people are humanbeings who are into entertainments, events for children, and happy busy things around attractions. With the help of those elements, battle field attractions can grab attentions from most of people. In the meanwhile, the point that should not be underestimated is that all events and entertainments held must be aimed at illuminating the value of historical significance, not just for fun.
this is my opinion. what do you guys think?

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Re: Battle Field Tourism

Post by (106)Lee Hyunjeong » Wed Mar 13, 2013 7:16 am

I also agree with Yeougseok Kim's idea. According to my experience, just watching monuments was not interesting. Taking picture in front of the monuments was the end. However, the Independence Hall where I visited in Korea, there was a memorial hall which was repeating circumstances with real sound and models of independent activists at the time. And that experience was very impressive and quite interesting. Of course, battlefield has its own value but if it doesn't give any interests to people who visit the battlefield it would be a problem and there will be no profit in battle field tourism.
Like the above, I think it makes Battle Field Tourism more impressive and historially to keep original monuments but add entertainments or interesting things.
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Re: Battle Field Tourism

Post by (106)YoonsilJang » Thu Mar 14, 2013 5:52 am

I think it's very important historical place like Gettysburg battlefield can display its historical importance to the people of today. I do not want the historic site degenerates as entertainment. At this point, I agree with the author's opinion expecting that Gettysburg battlefield to be sacred sepulcher of illustrious men.
But I also believe that the tour of the historical should not be just a duty. When I was a kindergarten pupil, I went to the National Cemetery every year to pay respects. I only remember bowing my head and closing my eyes to do as techer told me. It was boring, honestly. That kind of tour can not be a good model, I think.
Trying to achieve a balance is necessary. We all know this. The problem is achieving it is very difficult.
Maybe we can talk about how we can find the ways possible for this. How do you think we can do this?

(107)Jongmin Woo
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Re: Battle Field Tourism

Post by (107)Jongmin Woo » Fri Mar 15, 2013 4:47 pm

I totally agree with you Mr.Kim. I think the problem is that people take cognizance of battle fields as a boring places. It may be so interpreted, too.
I mean it shouldn't be like an amusement park. But there should be some elements that people think "We should visit there sometimes." like this.
Because as a curriculum in Korea, we only studying about history for tests and for making scores, not for making people(students)to go there.
And even though people are thinking to go there, there's lack of information about the sites. Yet there's so many informations at the Internet in Korea,
there are not so much information that is exactly what we want. And I don't know about to get the information in Seoul, as I was born in Busan, I think
provincial cities are much more lake of information. So First step to make battle field tourism to be revitalized is to promote about the battle fields that
is really important in our history. So that we can choose to go or not.

(106)Yeongseok Kim
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Re: Battle Field Tourism

Post by (106)Yeongseok Kim » Sat Mar 16, 2013 1:22 am

I wanna say some more about YoonsilJang's comment--no historical place being degenerated into entertainment and no being a duty or boring stuff. of couse we should stop a historical signifance from turning into a joke, but at the same time we can come up with some ways to raise the historical significance with the help of entertainment. For instance, reenactment of a historical event that took place would be a good model for it because re-enactment is something like a reminder for people to get hinted about what really happened before in the history, so we are not to consider 're-enactment' to be a degeneration into an entertainment. Furthermore, we could feel quite excited and wild things rather than a boring atmosphere. To sum up, re-enactment could be sort of balance.

106Geehae Kang
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Re: Battle Field Tourism

Post by 106Geehae Kang » Sat Mar 16, 2013 4:53 am

An interesting topic at hand concerns the way how the significant meaning of historical places could be revitalized. Therefore, it is timely to consider the perspective of the issue. As far as, I am concerned, I agree with the author’s idea, which conveys the importance of historic site and points out people should not regard visiting the sacred places merely as a means of having fun. Based on my personal experience, I also consider re-enactment of historical events can function as an effectual method to make people aware of significance of historical site. To take my own experience as an example, my parents used to take me to the art hall that performs historical musical such as Queen Myung-sung, or sometime, we used to watch documentaries that describe the historical facts. With the various visual effects, I was able to find a new appreciation for the historic site when I visited there. Thus, I think historic sites should provide diverse facilities that can grasp visitors’ attention so as to prevent these places are devaluated.

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Re: Battle Field Tourism

Post by (106)Jihyun kang » Sun Mar 17, 2013 1:23 am

It is very important to remember these battlefields for many reasons. One is to honor those that lost their lives fighting there. Another is to remember why so many people had to die there and to hopefully learn from it so it wont happen again. If we want to make entertainment a draw so more people learn we need to make sure it was based on the real events and not something they made up because they think that is what people will like more. The real men are far more interesting than the stories that made up about our historical leaders. I think the re enactments are a good way to get some people interested that otherwise wouldn't be, but some people will never be interested. We just have to hope there are more of the former than the latter, otherwise we will be making new battlefields for our children to visit.

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Re: Battle Field Tourism

Post by (103)Choi Wankyu » Sun Mar 17, 2013 5:44 am

In my opinion, author recognize "battlefield tourism" too serious and negative. As having been battlfield, though it is for fun, children recognize that place as a historical site. When they become teenager they would learn that place in history class and it could be historical recollection for them. In short, although cildren's battlefield tourism could be absorbed as just a holiday fun, it gives them a recognization for that place later days and it helps children to accept the site as a historical place. For those reasons, I think a battlefield tourism is not so negative as the author recognize.

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Re: Battle Field Tourism

Post by (107)Hye Eun Youn » Sun Mar 17, 2013 7:26 am

There are a lot of reasons why we have to visit some battle field. first, for honoring their historical efforts. Second, for learning about the history. We have been visiting some historical places like battle field since we were a child. But probably you've ever felt so bored rather than learned something or paid respect to somebody, whenever you visited that kind of places. Some adults might learn something from boards which the explanations about the battle field were wrote on. But others or children don't. There's a good chance for them to feel just bored. So I think we should make battle field more fun place to drag more people and improve people's comprehension about historical places.

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Re: Battle Field Tourism

Post by (106)이양우 » Sun Mar 17, 2013 9:00 am

I do agree with the auther that the battle field it self is invaluable. In order to honer dead soldiers, it is cruical to maintain those battle fields attractive to people so that more and more citizens would visit and show their respects. My point is the same. Thinking of battle fields, it first comes up in my mind, that they are just boring places. I believe that the same would be applied to all common people. Therefore, battlefields should also have attractive factors just as other tourists area. I think making some entertaining areas that give joy and information about the battlefields are necessary. In this manner, people will feel less unfamiliar to visit those battlefieds.

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Re: Battle Field Tourism

Post by (107)Hwangsungmuk » Sun Mar 17, 2013 9:31 am

I think the most important thing is the original purpose, to remember. To remember their pain, blood, hunger, tear... But, BFT makes that values discolored, replacing pain to fun.
Children can be bored in the battle field without funny things, but is it right they feel as in amusement park? Of course not.
Let's think about this situation. Japanese came to independence museum of Korea to know how their ancestors did. But, it was so funny! Around museum, casino, photography studio and dance pavilion were built! And after the tour to find shade of their history, there were no heavy things in his mind. Is this situation desirable? I don't think so.

(106) Sanggyun Kim
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Re: Battle Field Tourism

Post by (106) Sanggyun Kim » Sun Mar 17, 2013 9:47 am

I also agree with many people's replies. I think battlefield as a tourist attraction is not bad and sad. As you know, there are only few people who are really interested in history. They prefer to visit other places like shopping mall, cinema, concert.That means most people do not know about their history's vaule. So, how can we make people are interested in the history? I think it is one of the best way that we make it fun. Then, people will start to take interest in history. For making it fun, we can make historical place as a tourist attraction. That's the start. People come to enjoy, and they bknow about their history at the same time. Furthermore there might be some new jobs for it. I think there is nothing bad. So in my conclusion, for attracting people to historical place, there sould be something interesting fistly.

107 Jeong Cheol Bae
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Re: Battle Field Tourism

Post by 107 Jeong Cheol Bae » Sun Mar 17, 2013 10:07 am

I agree with your opinion. I think many battlefield have changed the place where paly. It has a number of advantage. For example, children who bored about history can enjoy things and can learn history easily. But, we must not think lightly of their sacrifice. and we must not forgot their sacrifice. Therefore, we are within a range not to damage their sacrifice, we can enjoy entertainment.

(106)Shin in sil
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Re: Battle Field Tourism

Post by (106)Shin in sil » Sun Mar 17, 2013 12:16 pm

I remember visiting the War Memorial of Korea in Young-san when I was a primary school pupil. In that place, I participated in a reenactement of Korean war. In the room reenacted like battlefield, my brother and me watched the scene of the battle wearing a military uniform. The sound of gunfire and scream was heard lively. It was not entertaining (because I was so scared) but it attracted my attention enough and I realized how horrible the War was and how important the peace is.
But I think that the situation of Gettysburg is a little different. The author worries about the comercialism and fading of historical significance of battlefield. In battlefield Gettysburg, the children participate in imaginary battles as if they play the game. Although such a program can attract the interest from people, I worry that the children may think the war entertaining like a game. At this point, I feel the same way as the author do. If we are inclined to attracting the people's interest, we can loosethe true nature. Like my own experience, we can attract people by other various ways. I'm opposed to make the battlefield entertaining, because the war is not a thing entertaining.

(107)Seonjoo Han
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Re: Battle Field Tourism

Post by (107)Seonjoo Han » Sun Mar 17, 2013 2:21 pm

My opinion is same as yours. Advertising the battlefield is good but we should not go there just for fun. So i think we should promote people to study little bit about the battlefield before they visit the place or give them some handouts that contain some informations about the place.

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