chocolate !

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201020194 kim ye eun
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chocolate !

Post by 201020194 kim ye eun »

I really like eating chocolate !

my friends already know chocolate that I like .

when I eat chocolate , I relieved stress , I feel so good !

thats why I really like chocolate !

but Its not good for health ...

according to study people eating chocolate are more at risk from diabetes and heart disease.

I know that result .. I cant stop eating !!

I tend to be addicted like a sugar addict .

how can I stop eating chocolate to keep my health ?

201021042 Jangyounhee
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Re: chocolate !

Post by 201021042 Jangyounhee »

I’m in the same situation
I love chocolate too.
I can't give up chocolate :cry:

200520484 Noh jaejoong
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Re: chocolate !

Post by 200520484 Noh jaejoong »

but chocolate has many good things ! :)
kind of dark chocolate prevents adult-disease and handling colrestrol !
it's key of eating chocolate that don't eat too much !.
pretty simple isn't it? no? :( lol

201020346 KimSunKyung
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Re: chocolate !

Post by 201020346 KimSunKyung »

ooh...i'm toooo sympathize your 'chocolate addition'
likewise i like it very much. but i think it's okay though i eat it continuously,.
as upper reply, chocolate isn't only unhealthy thing rather than you worry.
so don't worry seriously, it'll be good. anyway what kind of cholate you like? i like ' ferrero rocher ' very much!!!!! :lol:

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Re: chocolate !

Post by 201020047hyunseo »

i like chocolate too:D
Chocolate is very attractive fantasy for me.

i like very variety chocolate.
real choco, cacao, strawberry, cactus, orange, wine, and so on~ so many things!
i think because this reasons, chocolate makes people more pleasant.

um... some people say "chocolate is not good for your health."
but i think, we ate chocolate moderately, it is no problem at all!
on the contrary, it makes feel better~^^

201020952 kim hye kyung
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Re: chocolate !

Post by 201020952 kim hye kyung »

Nice to meet you.
I really like chocolate,too.
I think that eating chocolate every day gains weight.
But I do not have to stop eating chocolate.
I feel like an chocolate addict .
What kind of you like chocolate? Ghana? Mr. Big? Etc.

200920489 park min ju
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Re: chocolate !

Post by 200920489 park min ju »

I love chocolate!! :)
But it is bad for our skin too...
It can cause skin problems like pimples. You know, sometime skin is index of our health.....
I don't eat a lot of chocolate becasue of skin problems.. I'm sad.

200820371 sehee
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Re: chocolate !

Post by 200820371 sehee »

I love eat chocolate too!!
Moreover I'm eating chocolate now. hahaha
I can understand you well. because I can't give up eat chocolate too! but when i eat chocolate I feel comfortable, so i think eat chocolate is good for my health. hahahaha

201020429Cho Seo Young
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Re: chocolate !

Post by 201020429Cho Seo Young »

I love chocolate too!
And I like all of sweets such as coolies, cake, ice cream....

200820624 soo-jung Choi
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Re: chocolate !

Post by 200820624 soo-jung Choi »

As you like chocolate, so do i. But we can keep our health! :D
Dark chocolate has little sugar content. I think this way another soluthion.

201020850 Leechorok
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Re: chocolate !

Post by 201020850 Leechorok »

I really really like chocolate :lol:

I want to live that only eat chocolat :lol:

201021786 Choi jin sil
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Re: chocolate !

Post by 201021786 Choi jin sil »

i love chocolate too! :P

If the chocolate has disappeared in the world , many people will be suffer from depression!

201020690 ahn sung real
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Re: chocolate !

Post by 201020690 ahn sung real »

oh my god!!
me too
i love chocolate so so so~ much!! haha

200920611 Yoo Minji
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Re: chocolate !

Post by 200920611 Yoo Minji »

hello, ye eun !
I MAD FOR CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
do you love chocolate? haha

200920759 Young Uk Jyoung
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Re: chocolate !

Post by 200920759 Young Uk Jyoung »

I like chocolate too. kk When I feel hungry, somethmes I eat chocolate instead of food. Also When I feel bad, I have eat chocolate. My favorit chocolate is 'cacao 59%'. Is it you? Because I don`t like too sweety. k

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