chocolate !

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201020224 Lee Hyun Ji
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Re: chocolate !

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Hello~ My friend Ye eun!!
Do you like chocolate? I like chocolate!! very very very!!
I know chocolate is very harmful. But when I get stress, eatig chocolate make me feel better.
How about you? Do you still eat chocolate?

200720340 woo young
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Re: chocolate !

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how many pieces of chocolate do you have a day??
I've heard that having right amount of chocolate is good for health.
like you said it makes you relieved and stressless
I think it's good for you if you can use portion control :)

201020580 chaeyeon
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Re: chocolate !

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I like chocolate too!
Um... I think, writing 'chocolate note' is also good. Then you can look how many eat chocolate, a day. Some kind of diary :)
Or, opposite way, eat 'Too many' chocolate! then you are sick of chocolate taste. even smell it.
I hope my idea can be the way figure out this problem.
Good luck! :)

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Re: chocolate !

Post by 200820057ahnjunyoung »

Do you like chocolate?
chocolate is very delicious
but chocolate is dangerous.
If you eat much chocolate, your health is harmful.
And you may be a fat

200820005 kwon joong je
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Re: chocolate !

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wow ! i love chocolate!! Especially i like chocolate bar 'twix' do you know 'twix'?
recently i ate lot of that. Eventually i got skin trouble....i think better not eat too much.
oh Ferrero Rocher is also delicious!!!!

200920606 sunghanna
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Re: chocolate !

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i love chocolate too!!
eating chocolate, there are good things.
First, i feel great if i eat chocolate.
Second, i can provide energy to our body.
Although chocolate can make teeth rot....

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Re: chocolate !

Post by 200820375JungSun »

i love chocolate!not only chocolate but also chocolate snacks, chocolate drinks!haha
when i eat chocolate(other chocolate food) i feel happy.
I read one survey from megazine. that survey said that most of women more like chocolate than boyfriend( I cant believe completely^^;)
I agree that some level.haha

(102)TaeHyeon Lee
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Re: chocolate !

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Chocolate has both merits and demerits.
So I think It is better to reduce the eating amount than to stop eating chocolate.

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