Fast Foods!!

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200920611 Yoo Minji
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Re: Fast Foods!!

Post by 200920611 Yoo Minji »

i know fast food is harmful
it cause obesity too
but......i mad for chicken and pizza!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so i'm sad

201020022 yeon-doo kim
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Re: Fast Foods!!

Post by 201020022 yeon-doo kim »

i agree that fast food is very delicious.
i eat fast food at least three times a week.. :?
i know fast food is not good for health, but i can't stop eating fastfood.
exactly today's people are addicted to eat fastfood.
i just hope to make nutritious fastfood.

200920606 sunghanna
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Re: Fast Foods!!

Post by 200920606 sunghanna »

I think fast food is not good for health!!
First, The reserch said when they fry potatoes, they use the frying oil too long and transfat is very bad for our health.
Second, the more fast food, the easier people become fat.
The reserch said the children who often have fast food are very easy to be a fat adults.
Consequently, fast food is very bad for our health.

201020474 eunji kim
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Re: Fast Foods!!

Post by 201020474 eunji kim »

You said, fast food is bad for our body.
I already know that it is terrible for health. I've been down that road before.
But I really like fast food. Oh I love them especially McDonald.
I feel like something is missing when I'm not eating fast food once in a week.
I have to improve my diet.

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Re: Fast Foods!!

Post by scarlettO »

I like some fast food too. We have too much though in the U.S where I live. My favorite place is Subway. Their food is healthier and better for you. Do you have Subway in Korea?

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Re: A fast-food restaurant

Post by Alex21 »

mcdonalds burger is so delicious.....

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Re: Fast Foods!!

Post by karachifoods »

i like zinger burger its very much great taste. recently i eat it from kfc is too delicious.

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Re: Fast Foods!!

Post by Donald »

I do't think so that fast foods are good for the health, I consider them that these fast foods
are health hazard. I think we should get rid from fast foods for the healthy life.

(Aplus) Lee Dae jae
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Re: Fast Foods!!

Post by (Aplus) Lee Dae jae »

Wow! I was amazed at Philippines' Mac.
And I have some curiosity that the taste is also different from Korean taste.

However, How could the spaghetti be a fastfood?
Do they just microwave finished products[spaghetti]?

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Re: Fast Foods!!

Post by agostino221 »

Everybody knows Fast food is harmful for health but mostly people like to take it. I like pizza very much.

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Re: Fast Foods!!

Post by (sixzero7)Leekwanhee »

I love fast food!!
I know those are not good at my health. But those are delicious!
That's really surpring!
rice ball and spaghetti?? how cool~!!
But is it possible to cook rice ball and spaghetti fast??
I really wonder how those foods can be fast foods.

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Re: Fast Foods!!

Post by Baron »

Eating more fast foods in routine diet is not good for the health and fitness because it can cause some health complications specially cholesterol problems, weight gaining, stomach diseases, heart diseases, and diabetes etc.
Avoid more fast foods and take raw and organic foods if you want healthy life.

Exercise and Fitness

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Re: Fast Foods!!

Post by kelvin_56 »

I love to eat fast food and many food restaurants are my favorites.

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