Do you have breakfast everyday?

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201020117 Hye Jin
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Re: Do you have breakfast everyday?

Post by 201020117 Hye Jin »

I have breakfast everyday because of my mother's rule.
But I have breakfast very early morning so I early have lunch and over again.
That is why I have breakfast everyday but I can not slim down. :oops:

200820624 soo-jung Choi
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Re: Do you have breakfast everyday?

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Importance of breakfast..I am entirely in agreement with that.
I'm living in dormitary. Usually my mealtime keeps a class schedule. :wink:
So I have not morning class, don't eat breakfast. Then my physical condition is not good.
Before more condition worse, I try to eating a breakfast. :D
How can I more easly eating a breakfast? ^^

201020022 yeon-doo kim
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Re: Do you have breakfast everyday?

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i also eat breakfast everyday. breakfast is important to me.
when i was young, if mother didn't give me to breakfast, i cried and cried loudly.
i think skiping breakfast makes me feel bad all day.
also eating breakfast help me to be healthy person.

201020429Cho Seo Young
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Re: Do you have breakfast everyday?

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I always have breakfast.
But I always skip lunch. Because at lunch time I have a class.
And I'm not hungry at lunch.
I know It is not good for my helth.
but when I have a lunch, I have a stomachache.
how do you think?
Do I must have lunch?

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Re: Do you have breakfast everyday?

Post by 200620104Yisul »

what I realized thesedays is getting older do need to eat breakfast!
as you said, you can better thinking after eating something in the morning, so that will help bustering your business or study.
so what I want to say we should eat any kind of meal to make our morning more energetic ! It makes our life happy, of course you too :)
Let 's do today's morning you guys!

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Re: Do you have breakfast everyday?

Post by Donald »

Healthy breakfast helps you in refuels your body, and benefit your overall health. Breakfast gives you a chance to start your day with a healthy and nutritious meal. Take more vitamins and minerals, Eat less fat and cholesterol. Avoid the cholesterol, which may reduce your risk of heart disease So do not skip breakfast it may be more important than you think.

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Re: Do you have breakfast everyday?

Post by (sixzero7)kimsongmi »

from my perspective, breakfast is the most important thing ever.
actually, in my case i always eat breakfast.
i firmly belive that breakfast is the basement of everything.
if you have breakfast constantly, your face will shiner, you diet will more balanced.
so you should not think about spare time you make when you skip breakfast, should think about profit you have when you take breakfast.

(102)Wonjae LEE
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Re: Do you have breakfast everyday?

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I always have breakfast. If i don't have breakfast, i can't concentrate all that morning. As you mentioned, it is well known that having breakfast is good for diet and i've read it is also helpful for brain.

(103)Choi A Young
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Re: Do you have breakfast everyday?

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To me, having breakfast is the most important thing in the morning.
No matter how busy I am in the morning, I never skip breakfast.
I think breakfast is the driving force of my dynamic life.

mi song choi
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Re: Do you have breakfast everyday?

Post by mi song choi »

For me, I usually skip breakfast.
I also know missing a meal is not good for my health,
but in the morning I have no choice because of my laziness.
I always think I have to have breakfast, it is not easy problem than I thought.

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Re: Do you have breakfast everyday?

Post by (107)YeeunKim »

When i was in highschool i always had breakfast in the morning, which was very helpful to keep the health.
But after i graduated highschool and got in to University my whole life pattern has changed.
I got up very late in the morning, skipping the breakfast and jumping into lunch or brunch.
And i've found that this can be very bad habit to ruin my stomach's health. When i went to the hospital, the doctor strongly recommanded me to have regular pattern of breakfast-lunch-and dinner, and then i followed this instruction.
Later, i was recovered from the disease i had suffered for almost a year by keeping regular breakfast.
Therefore, i think the best way to keep the body healthy is to have breakfast.

(102)TaeHyeon Lee
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Re: Do you have breakfast everyday?

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I agree with you completely.
I almost skiped breakfast, because of sleep....
From now on, I will have breakfast everyday!

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Re: Do you have breakfast everyday?

Post by Baron »

Yes I take breakfast everyday.
Don't skip your breakfast if you want healthy life.
Eat healthy foods in your breakfast to get energy for the whole day.
I take more fruits and protein based foods in my breakfast that provides me enough energy for the routine activities.

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