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Coffee War

Post by inha(57)Choi Ye-Lim »

We are living in coffee culture these days.
Coffee is the most popular dessert. So it is too common to see
coffee branch store in many places.Especially in the city !
Many companies have been opening big chain store,such as starbucks,coffeebeen and so on.

You can see many businessmen there in the morning.
But as coffee stores are getting poplular ,the price is getting higher than before.
We need at least 5,000 won to drink coffee there.
To catch up with big companies.the others start rushing between competition. For example, there are about seven stores of same company on some streets in Gangnam.

On the other hand,another small tea stores have been off color.Many places are losing their spaces because of coffee war.
We need to be careful for choosing own taste. And We have to support our own brand to encourage their success.
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I agree

Post by Inha(11)YookKwanSook »

I agree your opinion.
These days, there are many branches of coffee.
When we are in street, we easily can see coffee store.
But under coffe war, small tea stores has been off color.
we have to support these small tea stores, inform people that we also can pursue some comfort and freedom in there and our preconception must be changed.
Then many coffee stores and small tea shops develop together.

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Major coffee company's violance

Post by Inha(14)JuHyunDo »

As you know, Korea Starbucks coffee price is expensive than US. In US, one grande size "cafe Americano" is just 4 bucks. But in korea, we can buy it for more than 5 thousand won.
In my case, I can't distinguise each company's coffee taste. May be most of people without professional coffee taster will not be distinguish exactly. I think the reason of people choose major brand coffee is just brand's emblem printed on disposal cup. Domestic brand coffee and major brand coffee are same that I think.

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coffee break

Post by Inha53JinYoonJae »

I also agree that many new coffee brands are rapidly created and a cup of coffee is not a cheap one anymore. I do also think it's not easy for normal people to distinguish each coffee taste among all brands' items.

However, the coffee shop doesn't seem to only mean the place to have coffee or tea.
It's a place for,
waiting for someone,
meeting and talking with someone,
reading a book,

where businessmen do their business with partners ,etc.

It matters that coffee shop is where we can do "something" and it gives people to manage their break time more efficiently. It's more than just a space for taking a sip of coffee.

Imagine if all coffee shops in the world were gone~ Most people would miss their way to go and we could have lost the chance to enjoy watching the recent hit drama "Coffee Prince". :roll: (I was so addicted to this drama^^+)
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Post by Inha(25)NaYoungEun »

I aree that there are many coffee shop thesedays. I like coffee very much, so I often visit there. But price of coffee is more expensive than before. In some popular coffee shop(starbecks, coffeebean and so on)
the cheapest price of coffee is 5000 won. But some people are proud of buyng expensive coffee. To them, that is more important tham taste of coffee.
I often visit coffee shop where price of coffee is not high. But taste is very good. I think if you like coffee truely, you can enjoy coffee at low price.

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high coffee price...T.T

Post by Inha(11)ChoiHoJung »

Usually I'm going to the starbucks coffee shop and enjoy espresso although high price, when I have a meeting with friend. because starbucks and espresso fit in me and comfortable.
sometimes my friends said me'you are crazy and strange'. I agree it.
I drink a cup of coffee three times over a day, not starbucks just vending machine coffee because of price. kk
I knew coffee price is the highest then other countries.
Most korean want to become a richman and they think'high price goods are symbol of rich/wealth'.
I think that is serious problem.
we must have get rid of this mind and reduce over spending.
Also I don't want to charge of high coffee price.

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coffee war

Post by Inha(53)KimByungKyu »

I have no idea why many people likes coffee. I don't like coffee. But Drinking coffee is getting to be a habit. During militery service, I service it to the excutive members everday morning and afternoon. Some of them(the excutive members) were leave it which made by me. I drunk Remainders for cleaning. :cry:

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Post by Inha(53)HwangWooRyong »

I don`t kwnow why people like coffee?
Most people say that children must not drink coffee. but they drink . It is fun. isn`t it?
Why do you like coffee?? is it delicious or for healthy??? um...
Do you think coffee price is reasonable???
I think it is too expensive to me.
but I understand you because it is favor like smoking

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choice of the coffee

Post by Inha(39)NaSaeNuRi »

Really there are many coffee shops around me.
Among them there are many huge chain stores.
Coffee price of such as the chain stores is more expensive than the general small-scale coffee shop.
The past one TV program made an experiment.
It guessed of the coffee brand only taste.
Unexpected most people didn’t distinguish between more expensive coffee and general coffee.
That is, the taste is not particular difference.
I think when choice of the coffee, people must select not brand but taste.

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Post by hufsLeeJooSong »

I am afraid that I cannot agree to the opinion that we are living in an ear of Coffee Dominance. It is true that we have a lot of places for coffees. But I think tea trend has become stronger. Many people drink coffee in their lives, but they drink it to keep awake, which means that they are not actually enjoying it.

Rather than the Coffee Dominance, I believe that Tea Dominant Era is coming forth. I read in some megazine that tea business in Korea has doubled this year. It said that people are looking for herb tea cafes and organic tea shops rather than drinking coffee in Starbucks or Coffee Bean. Many people worry about the harm from those franchise coffees because they make people fat and unhealthy.

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Post by HUFS Jooyoung »

I do agree on your idea that there are too many coffee shops around us.
There is a franchise coffee shop named 'Coffee Bean' that just opened a new shop in front of our school. The new coffe place is always crowded with a lot of people. And I also love to go there for two reasons.

First, I love drinking coffee and tea. But when I go to some cheaper coffee shops to drink coffee, then I find the taste is very different and it doesn't tast as good as the coffees from Starbucks or other famous coffee places. For this reason, I like to go to the franchise coffee shop to drink coffee.

Second, I go to the coffee shops to chat with my friends. All the girls like to go there to chat because there aren't many places that we can go to just relax and talk, especially in the winter.

Even though there are too many coffee shops, I think that's just because it is the people and customers demand for them.

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Post by hufs_yun_hyounchoul »

Coffee is world's best selling tea. Multinational branches of Starbucks are everywhere in the world. Coffee's taste is good so it's popular. Having many shops could mean it's very popular. But I doubt most people know the truth of coffee bean and Starbucks.
There are several grades of coffee bean quality. But that of Starbucks, which is well known for its expensive price, is very low which is in two or three grade from the bottom. The raw expense of a cup of coffee is very low, that means we waste and donate so much profit to the notorious huge coffee corporation. They give so poor money to the workers who gather coffee bean in the field. It's not the different case in Coke served at McDonald. The price of raw ingredient is no more than 15 won including paper cup per each cup of Coke, but it's sold at 1,000 won! Another reason of expensive price is that all the amount of coffee bean imported to Korea is monopolized by Japanese Mitsubitsh Corporation. We can drink coffee made of best quality bean only at luxurious Hotel, which is more than at least 20,000 per a cup.
Coffee is anyway the most beloved tea especially among young people, but they should also know the reason why it is so expensive. If one think the truth is ridiculous and decide not to have many cups of coffee, she or he can also have alternative ways. There are much more kinds of traditional tea in Asia! Green, red, ginseng, or honey tea have each unique scent and taste, and they are good for health!
Do you know the Starbucks branch in Insa-dong? It's well known because it is the only branch whose signboard is written in Hangul. It's because Insa-dong allowed the branch only if the signboard is written in Korean. Why were they so strict? It' because it's relating a nation's pride. In this global era, having the same, so-called 'global' cup of coffee in their hands does not mean they are global people. Following unidirectional attitude which is leaded mostly by the US is not globalization, but 'Americanization'. I hope there appear more diverse kinds of tea shops and more people rush to them!

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Post by Inha(906)LeeGunJu »

I like coffee too. But i hate a vending machine coffee.
especilly I like americano..It is very delicious and perfume good.
I can buy it only 1000won. but it get within inha univercity..
excercise Starbuks's this price is very expencive.
So I love My college price.. :shock:

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Post by Inha(905)YangHanGil »

I am still not a big fan of coffe shop such as Starbucks, Coffee bean, and so on, because I think the coffee shops that I wrote above are over-priced. I normally spend some penny to drink a cup of coffee from the vending machine in school. Please don't get me wrong, if you are the big fan of those coffe shop. It's nothing but my opinion. Every one has different interest, so the prices of the coffee would be accepted depending on how much they like the brand, taste, cultuer as well as their coffee.

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Re: Coffee War

Post by trity97 »

<Error analysis> Kong, Yangje

Many companies have been opening big chain store,such as starbucks,coffeebeen and so on. ---> store(x), stores(O)

I think it is a natural order error.

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