This broad topic includes diet, exercise, smoking, alcohol, and unit 5 of Authentic English Readings for Advanced Students.
200820624 soo-jung Choi
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Re: Caffeine

Post by 200820624 soo-jung Choi »

In other times I was liked a coffee. But nowadays when I drinks coffee, my feel and heart rate is strange.
My heartbeat increases and feel sick at the stomach. So I think that Coffeine dosen't like me. kk
Sometimes I want to something drink, fruit juice other than coffee. :wink:
If you drink coffee or green tea, do so in moderation. :)

200920606 sunghanna
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Re: Caffeine

Post by 200920606 sunghanna »

I agree your opinion~
because a lot of caffeine is not good for gealth.
For examples caffeine prevents in dismemberment of calcium.
but.. i like coffe very much ..ㅜㅜ
Coffee must eat for oneself!!

200820005 kwon joong je
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Re: Coffee.

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hi~ hye won~ Honestly i don't like coffee i like to eat tea than coffee..
why don't you like to drink tea??? of course your reasons, but i want to know why you don't like tea~

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Re: Coffee.

Post by 200820375JungSun »

i like coffee too. and i heard that coffee has a lot of strenths(for health.)!
besides in my case, each coffee has a habitual texture and scent.
so according to my feeling(or conditon), i try to drink coffee.
coffee has a good influnce for mental.^^

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Re: Coffee.

Post by 200820961KimChangYong »

I didn't like coffee. Because Coffee contains caffeine.

Caffeine makes caffeinism. How can we solve caffeinism?

How can I enjoy coffee to not thinking about that?

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Re: Coffee.

Post by Mcmorning/nagyeongahn »

I heard that americano with no syrups or sugars also helps us to loose weight.

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Re: Coffee.

Post by boxcar »

So, I wrote this song about coffee. The lyrics are in english. What do you think?

(Aplus) Lee Dae jae
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Post by (Aplus) Lee Dae jae »

Well, coffee is very famouse beverage in these days.

I also love to have a cup of coffee.

However, we also have to control our appetite for drinking coffee.

It is because caffeine which has toxic effects in coffee.

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Re: Coffee.

Post by (sixzero7)suhbokyung »

Well coffee is useful beverage in thesw days.
It get off sleepness. But much can be harmful because it contains caffein.
So we should drink coffee in proper

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Re: Coffee.

Post by (starbucks)LeeEugene »

Yes, there are a lot of cafes anywhere, like downtowns or near the universities.
Actually, i used to buy and drink coffee at cafe but its price was so high that i could buy that coffee with the same cost of my lunch.
but you know what? the real price of coffee is so low and especially, Americano coffee, is cheaper than its cup which contains that coffee.
after i knew this fact, i don't buy and drink coffee at cafe, because i think the price is too exaggerated.
And, i think that at least the half of that price can be appropriate price in a sense that it's not too expensive and not overstretched.

(sixzero7)seok-young Hwang
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Re: Coffee.

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Well.. I agree with your opinion partially. you said there are many cafe around us. It's absolutely right. Whenever I go to Seoul , I see so many cafes. But I agree with your opinion that many oversea coffee shops interfere with domestic coffee shops. Market price is same with company's competition. The more companies competite the more market price is low. And companis' price competition can launch other competion about productional quality. Finally, consumers can buy a cup of coffee cheaply and can buy high quality coffee at a time.

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