This broad topic includes diet, exercise, smoking, alcohol, and unit 5 of Authentic English Readings for Advanced Students.
201020223 lee ji youn
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health-effect of coffee

Post by 201020223 lee ji youn »

today i have to tell you about coffee.
many people drink coffee. (I think it looks like a habit)
and many people think instant coffee mix is not good for health.
i think so too..

black coffee is good for health!

1.To prevent drowsiness
2. Improvement sustaining
3. Help for diet!!
4. Improve exercise capacity

In addition, there are a lot of effect..

so, whenever you want to drink coffee,
why don't you drink black coffee? ^^ ( for your health !)

201020204 Park Jiyeon
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Re: health-effect of coffee

Post by 201020204 Park Jiyeon »

I just realized that about coffee. but I don't like black coffee. because black coffee is not sweet.
Do you like blcak coffee?

201020215 EunYoungOh
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Re: health-effect of coffee

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it is good news!
but ,, black coffee is bitter.....
so i don't like it... :(

201020215 EunYoungOh
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Re: Coffee War

Post by 201020215 EunYoungOh »

Coffee is bitter
so, i like white moca~~
what's your favorite coffee ?

201020235 Choi in young
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Re: health-effect of coffee

Post by 201020235 Choi in young »

wow~that sound is good~zz
i like black coffee~~~!

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Re: health-effect of coffee

Post by 201020542sangbae »

My idea is little different about your idea.
Although black coffee have many strong points, if we drink much coffee
coffee have bad effect about our health

201020156 Cho EunJung
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Re: health-effect of coffee

Post by 201020156 Cho EunJung »

Wow! I'm so surprised about effect of black coffee! How often do you drink coffee?
I'm really crazy about Americano. At first it was so bitter. But it has its own attractive.
So it is a good news to me who like black coffe.

200420011 Kim Do-Hyoung
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I'm a Coffee addict..

Post by 200420011 Kim Do-Hyoung »

In fact, I am a coffee addict.
because, everyday I drink at least 3-5 cups of coffee.
(Of course, if I had to do something overnight, infinitely increase the amount of coffee)

You know that coffee has sleepless effect. However, the fact that I drink coffee, the biggest reason is because it is delicious.

People often talk of coffee is addictive. And they are worried about me. But I do not think that it's than bad.
I have about two months in 2005 during military service had been banned coffee.
Of course, I wanted to drink coffee so. But did not suffer severe withdrawal symptoms.

Of course, I may be a serious coffee addict. But I do not ever been a smoker, and I never will.
Anyway, our long, painful life. Alcohol, tobacco, coffee, etc. It is impossible for avoid to all of them during our lifetime.
If so, coffee and tobacco addiction, is better than the coffee addiction only?

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Re: I'm a Coffee addict..

Post by boxcar »

I love a good cup of coffee too! I agree it's delicious but I wonder if that is not because of how addicting it is? You don't see someone take their first drag of a cigarette or first taste of beer and talk about how good it tastes, yet over time they tend to come to really enjoy the flavor. Interesting discussion.

200820449 hongheamin
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Re: I'm a Coffee addict..

Post by 200820449 hongheamin »

I love coffee so much!! :D
I drink almost six cups of coffee everyday.
So I could say myself as a coffeeholic.
When I'm younger than now, I didn't feel that coffee is not good for our health, but now I can understand it is true.
But even though I know about that fact, it's very hard to avoid coffee for me.
So I drink "decaf" instead of regular coffee these days.
Of course it’s not as tasty as I had hoped, but to think of my health, decaf is passable.
So you could also try it!! :D

201021658 kim hye won
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Post by 201021658 kim hye won »

Coffee is very popular around the world.
I don't really care for tea, I like coffee better.
Sometimes A cup of coffee relieved my fatigue.
Scientific studies have examined the relationship between coffee consumption and an array of medical conditions.
Researchers say coffee has several effects that could reduce the risk of gallstone formation.
But, the harmful effects of coffee, coffee is said to cause nervousness and be addictive.
Coffee usually contain caffeine.
One of coffee had increased effectiveness against tension headaches.
But, caffeine can add to feelings anxiety and agitation.
So, I think a cup of coffee a day properly.
One day, many people like the taste and smell of coffee.
Anyway, we don't drink too much coffee. :)

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Re: Coffee.

Post by 200820757jungjinwon »

I like it too. when I was very tired of working , I drank coffe 15cups one day.
now I am addicted to it. I regret bitterly .

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Re: Coffee.

Post by 200620104Yisul »

um, coffee......
actually, it's my source of energy. you know what, maybe I can tell you I drink coffee like water everyday.
So these day I feel I need to control myself about drinking coffee too much.

201021685 Baek Min Woo
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Re: Coffee.

Post by 201021685 Baek Min Woo »

korea has so many cafe. the temptation of coffee is unbearable.
so i drink more than a cup of coffee a day.

201020074 Yangjisoo
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Re: Coffee.

Post by 201020074 Yangjisoo »

I also coffee very much.
Proper driking coffee is not matter. but if you drink coffee over a cup of coffee, it is not good for our health.
Meanwhile I want to tell coffee's price. these days a cup of coffee is too expensive. it is similar to one meal's cost.
What do you think about this matter?

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